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Wanda Walgood, Wandering Witch



WANDA WALL. Good wandering once upon a time in a weird would there was a witch who went by Wanda Wall. Good she wasn't the old kind of which you picture. You know the ones. I'll and wrinkles and moles and a head full of stray cats for hair. No Wanda was a young witch with just the standard amount of warts and wrinkles and moles though. Her hair was rather mousy and a stray cat. Probably did get more brushing Wanda Wall. Good was a wild which which meant that. She was never much for her reading and writing. She shunned her spell books and shirked her studies. She lagged each lesson and lamented learning. Like she'd lost a love. She was a wonderful witch in many ways always eager to search for a Birch bore or peruse upon until she was muddier than a worm on vacation but studying. It wasn't her cup of tea exit. She didn't even like t reading was fine but she'd rather be on vacation with the worms. If she was being honest this upset her terribly. They were raising her. As per habitual which e tradition their names were biscuits and towed though they were always together so it didn't much matter which which was which high viscous and towed now they were the kind of which is you picture. One was long and lean with more words. A friendly frog farmer. She had hair. That looked like a broom and road on a broom that looked like hair always billowing in the breeze. The other was burly as a brown bear though basically bald. She sported a star spangled shawl and spectacular spectacles ECLECTIC. We selected from ethical. Select ables behind them. She blinked blindly with Badische Browse. They were wonderful witches and Wanda Wall. Good loved them very much. Even though ever since she had turned ten they were all over her like nude is in potion. Who Want. When will you start studying high biscuits said one morning? Well to be honest. She said it every morning but this morning was special. Even if Wanda didn't know it yet you can't just muck about in the mud like a maniac. Wanda looked to toad for support. But her aunt just smirked eyebrows arching like bent bowes. I'm afraid I agree with my sister said towed sipping a modeled Mug of Putrid Purple Potion. You're a wonderful witch but you could be a master caster with a little. Learning WANNA looked from one aunt to the other she knew this day would come but had hoped to allude. Its protrusion for a while yet. Do I really have to read? She said can't I just look at the pictures? That's the fun part anyway. Oh this is. All our fault really continued high biscuits. We've let you linger over long. No more though said towed. We found the perfect quest for you. Something that will get even your brain burning about books and slug slurps salty snacks Wanda muttered. No it's true said high viscous we've been reading some maps and comparing them to the lost text of Bobbin the bright more like Bob it in the boring. We think we've located his loss. Library said toed holding up hand to stop. Wanda faked a snore. It recently apparently appeared in the center of a swamp. It'll take a wandering which to find it. Who even is Bob in the bright anyway? And why is his library so important? Oh we'll tell you.

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