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05-22-20 Native artists get creative to stay afloat


That's also one eight hundred nine nine native artists. Of course we want to hear from you to our referring in these times. What are some things that you have run up against Maybe you've even found a place for support you want to share some thoughts. Maybe you're an organization Who is learning hint to artists? In these times you can share your information to by calling in one eight hundred nine six two eight four eight With us today on the line is exe- is executive director of the South Western Association for Indian Soi. Kim Peon and Want to bring in a couple of more voices two joining us today from Torreon New Mexico as JJ Otero he's an orders and he is Navajo and Hopi pleasure to have him here. Jj thanks for joining us for another native America calling odds great to be in front of your audience again today. Thank you welcome. Also joining us today out of Tulsa. Oklahoma is Johnny dicon. He's an artist and he is Muskogee our pleasure to have him here. Johnny thank you for joining us as well. Michael Thank you the pleasure to be here here in Gentlemen Just want to hear what kind of things have changed for you as an artist Because of the pandemic any kind of aspect. Jd Let's start with you. Go ahead and share. I'm for me misfield talked about The technology challenges in in for various artists Luckily I had a long career as an IT in Professional so some of the technology asked me so that have been easier for me to overcome and so you know out here on the reservation. There's challenges with infrastructure and one of the things that I did early on when I first moved back to the to Nevarez was to Try to figure out a way to boost my My Four G cellular signal. So I've been able to do that and that's why I can talk clearly on the phone with these guys and So that's one aspect of it and how And being a a young artist I've been doing this three years. This past the heard museum show. We'll be my third year so I'm fairly new in the in the arts and It's it's really been I made the decision early on to Diverse Hi my Revenue Streams meaning. I wasn't going to be completely dependent upon the markets and galleries that I I would create a big online presence is using all my social media avenues And then also trying to video video was tough for a while because I I again before broadband is tough out here. So that's kind of how I've been. I've been working so when knowing that The markets we're not going to be there as they started cancelling one after another after after the heard market I started Beefing up my online presence even more than what I was already doing previously. So and that has that has been fruitful for me and developing virtual relationships with my customers and collectors. So that's that's how I've been able to shifted the mindset Instead of getting ready for his show now creating developing nurturing those online relationships with my customers in so. Jj What do you have to shift in thinking about you know going online or or that sales are coming this way because I know a lot of times Being able to be there directly talking to The different people who are interested in your art. There's a dynamic there but when you're online sometimes it's chat Maybe not everybody can do. Zoom What shifts in no tinfoil going on there to get your Your signal boosted. In of course if you have tricks sore Things that people can do to get a better signal to get better Wifi. Share that part to. Yeah the part to be The online presence is one thing. Creating an account is not enough creating account on these platforms. Did Not enough. You have to tell your stories. You have to tell you stories who you are and why you're doing a piece and for me. How worked out is to be able to write little stories about my what. I'm working on or even just incidental stories of my life here on the reservation and the audience on on on these social media platforms voyeuristic. Meaning that they're looking in on who? You are as an artist so I'm constantly updating work progress. That's one of the tools that I use to show. This is what I'm doing. These are my mistakes. These are my my triumphs. This is my struggle in all those things they mean something to whoever is is interested in collecting your work so again he's all social media platforms which are all static in one sense meaning golf photographs now with my boosted signal at I upgraded recently. I'm able to facebook lives so now I'm planning Starting June to do a monthly Live show where I show all my work In have you. I'm and I'm looking at two three hour sessions to go through all my inventory and sewing answering questions about a particular piece and all that so. That's that's kind of what I've been I've been working on in developing in my mind knowing that. I have a lot of time to do that now. That I'm not hustling for the next show and that I'm able to figure those things out ahead con using a little bit of technology and the other thing I try to to Because I have people some people coming to me for advice on on the technology platform and I make sure that they have. They know that there are several ways to take him One of my Mentors told me a long time ago to be ready in At any moment for any kind of project and he was applying it to materials like having so ready having a turquoise ready but I applied also to technology so I'm always trying to stay ahead of it and so I have multiple ways of receiving payments And that should be everybody's arsenal a- as they go to online in any tricks to boost signals or get better connection because we know there is a serious digital divide in our native communities. Yeah so The current product I use. Can I talk about products? Or are you can tell us what you're using. Just don't say prices okay. So so the product. I currently use this call. We boost H. W. E. BOOST BE O. S. T. and all that is really is A pair of antennas with an amplifier. In between so there's an outside antenna. You set up on a pole way up in the air or a sell your tower and then that comes into the house into the booster signal or booster Delays which has needs and then then I guess the Spurs with an inside antenna and so that that gives me the ability to now hopefully do. Some video shows Recently the Abbey Museum They did an online show and so I was able to record. A prerecorded Live session of music and then also I was able to do a live session. Ten Minute Session of showing my jewelry with them and that was my first test and and it looks like it went well so that that that's the tools that I've used but there's many others that you can use to boost your signal very nice. Maybe you have tried. Some new tools found some success on a share. A give information to fellow artists going dial dialing now eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight Jay. Thanks for sharing and WANNA turn to you. How much has shifted because of the pandemic go ahead? Oh a lot has Been Artists for around forty years now and So I have not really had an online presence other than Recently facebook account where I just post Paintings and you know the my work. You know updates Most my My income has come from shows. market I was using the facebook. You people know what I'm working on so but they'd become you know. The show's going on they'd come. And then you know either by prints or originals or however I keep contractor contact with new shows coming up So when this happened and my for that shutdown I was Kinda like shut completely out of the loop beltway I really had. No online presence had no online shop to sell my work. You know you could contact me through my facebook age and I can mail you know prince or original ever but also. I found that that time I was also limited at the time we had shut down here in Oklahoma where I live. Where a lot of places break reclosed where? I couldn't get materials. I needed like shipping materials. They couldn't get You know To to my printer to get things and to make prints as he was closed. And so that really put a bind on what I was doing. You know as far as getting my workout The piece that you guys used for the The cover of your episode is that the Warriors One with the pandemic. When that one I have and people been asking for Prince of it and I'd like to make prints of it to get out during this time and maybe use some of that to make money to donate to organizations helping people this time but I'm haven't been able to get that done because I'm not able to to these places so this is really it's it's really been a strain it's putting a strange predicament As far as being able to get my work out there it originally even affected me my productivity at first because it was so unnerving unsettling what was going on at first. I know uncertainty that I wasn't able to concentrate on doing and creating art. I was worried about our people when my family what was going on. And then you call it. What am I? GonNa do for money. 'cause my other job. I couldn't do not I couldn't do the are and so That kind of slowed me down there. But then like a week went by. It became more creative. And I've been more and more work but now I have no outlet to send it out into not very serious things in that many people can relate to as well when you talk about this block. You know everything that's going on is is heavy in in different ways and then Modes and methods are being blocked in our artists creativity. It isn't just some you turn on like a faucet. Sometimes these things truly do block it and I'm wondering if people understand that maybe You aren't Savvy to hearing some of these stories now that you are and you have some thoughts you can always join us at one. Eight hundred nine nine six two eight. Four eight is the number and so johnny year. The population Part of a population that also needs to have a voice in this..

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