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Unknown at this time the investigation is continuing coronavirus cases in Arizona have surpassed sixteen thousand four hundred and thirty one new cases in twenty four new deaths reported this morning by the Arizona department of health services spring in our state's total to just over sixteen thousand cases over two hundred and fifty three thousand tests have been administered it with a five point seven percent positive Maricopa county continues to lead the state with eight thousand one hundred seventeen cases again there are now sixteen thousand thirty nine cases of coronavirus in Arizona in seven hundred seventy nine deaths zero Domingo KTAR news well be careful how you use cleaning products as you try to protect yourself and your family from the virus Dr Daniel Brooks with the banner poison and drug information center says they've seen an increase in calls related to cleaning products most of those were like congestions are accidental tastes he says for the most part products like hand sanitizer bleach sprays and wipes are safe to use as long as people are using them as intended including diluting them when necessary but if you have any concerns or develop rashes after using cleaning products don't hesitate to call them specific scenarios where they really should is when something's used you know in a properly accidental especially little kids Griselda said Tino KTAR news let's

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Arizona state KTA are on

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