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All fifty states are beginning to re open the economy after three months of shut down


The flu for more than thirty years California governor Newsom publishing a list of quote acceptable outdoor activities for the state's forty million residents walking on the beaches are sitting in the sand knoll you can't sit not stand even if you have a blanket outdoor meditation allowed put yoga No Way New Jersey refusing to let folks get back to work the governor they're threatening severe penalties for business owners who defy his executive order Michigan extending its locked down indefinitely governor Whitmer facing a huge backlash from Rowan sheriff's one lawman calling with ms executive order the same as an unlawful arrest there is insurrection in Michigan the judge in Oregon tossing the state's ban on religious services deciding governor brown's order is a blatant infringement on a citizen's first amendment rights to worship Washington state also militant

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All fifty states are beginning to re open the economy after three months of shut down

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