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Sunny Summer Citrus


Samantha. Thank you so much for joining us today. I'm so excited to talk with you about these citrus oils. Now I'm excited to talk with you too. There are some amazing oil that we have so. I know a lot of people think of Setris when they think of summer. It's fun and it's bright and of course the taste and the smells remind us of summer but what are some things to be aware of when using citrus oils topically especially during the summertime? Like you said oils are great. They you know we have that bright fresh smell also great topically for certain uses however it's important to be careful where you apply them most such as well as have compounds that can cause UV sensitivity basically means skin is more sensitive to the sun and UV. Rays for myself. In the summer I personally don't use many citrus loyals topically unless it's at night or if I absolutely have to and then I make sure underclothing things like that right absolutely so we do have to be a little bit. More careful about where we're applying citrus oils but what makes them a great companion during the summertime. They are fantastic. I love combining said shows or something to ground them it really just brightens refreshes the atmosphere. That you're in one of my favorite diffuser blends to us is wild orange green monitoring grapefruit. Hawaiian Angela just a few drops of each of those. It's so refreshing uplifting whether that's during the summer or as things get kinda cooler in the fall that sounds like it would smell amazing. That's definitely won. The I want to try now I recommend so does. Tara has quite a few sicher soil. Some people may be really familiar with some. They might not have tried. Before and so they're kind of a few different categories maybe that we could put these citrus into the first one would be the sweeter citrus says things like wild orange. Or Tangerine what are some of your favorite uses I the sweeter citrus oils. While warrenton kettering arm I go to as an addition to my water bottle to drinking water. I love the sweet taste like you mentioned. They really are in that sweet category and it helps me drink more water throughout the day. Be More mindful about the water that I'm drinking. Plus there. Those emotional benefits that we love from citress loyals absolutely and the internal cleansing as well that can come with citrus oils. That's amazing and I think you're absolutely right. Sometimes it's hard to get in all the water that we need to especially when it's hot and we need a little bit of extra water that taste of that sweet citrus can be such a good companion. Yeah it's a great motivated drink. More for sure. So the next category would be kind of the tangy citrus oils. Things like lemon lime burgum. Oh Green Mandarin and grapefruit. What are some of your favorite ways to use these oils internally? Some lemon lime are my favorite goto oils cooking. Especially in the summer. I use these in Salsas guacamole along with a little bit of Cilantro oil for both the tastes and the internal benefits like you mentioned about the internal cleansing and internal emotional benefits. We can get from those oils. Ooh those in a guacamole would be so fresh and then you don't have to worry about having the fresh ingredients around the house exactly it's divine. So what are some other ways that I could incorporate these funds citrus oils around the house? So we all know. soils are ideal oils for cleaning. But if for me if I ever need to use a harsher cleaner to remove stubborn stain Soaps gone. I really like to add a few drops of grapefruit and lemon in the bottle cleaner. It adds a bright fresh aroma. Kinda cuts that harsh cleaner. If I really have to use some things a little heavier but also helps soclean stubborn surface ads and it boosts cleaning benefits. Also lemon mix with some retain makes for great would cleaner. That's awesome for you. Know would tables but as always test the oils? You're using a small inconspicuous area before just to make sure you're not going to damage your surface. Because some of the finishes can be a little touchy to to these citrus oils. Those are great ideas in such a good alternative to some of the harsh chemicals that we would bring into our house otherwise for that cleaning and different things. Yeah Yeah. It's definitely your alternatives. So the last category that I think we could lump these citrus oils into is kind of the bright citrus oils and these two are the citrus lens that we have the citrus bliss and doe Tara Cheer as part of our product marketing team. You know you have some experience with the creation of these oils. The thought behind creating these two essential oil blends as bliss is simply inspired by an orange cream sickle. When you smell that you really get that vanilla ice cream in that sweet. Tang you orange. We wanted to create a fresh summary. Blend that still reminded us that you know simpler days in the San Juan joying sweet classic ice cream treat diffuse it smells just like an orange cream cycle and then as part of the emotional therapy program cheer actually. Combined Citizen Spices which is on that emotional therapy wheel. And they've been shown to inspire optimism while uplifting attitude and so you mentioned fusing and you mentioned the emotional benefits with the cheer. How can you utilize the citrus blends every day in your life? I feel like suggest. Bliss is amazing diffused from spring all through summer. I also like to put a few drops on a paper towel. Then put that the bottom of my garbage bin. I found it helps of any unpleasant smells can kinda kick so smells and then cheer is one of my favorites from the emotional therapy line. Actually it's the one that I I- diffuse whenever I need a different type of such a splint. The spices actually perfectly complemented suggest profile. So I generally use it late summer to fall to warm up the house. A bit with those spices while still keeping it fresh energize having citrus aroma. That you love in the summer

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