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Most of the work zones of course are pretty much move out for the weekend and running well


Now two left lanes are getting you by the just opened up that they're left lane so two left lanes now getting by southbound I. ninety five before the Singapore parkway no problems on the northbound side of I. ninety five right three ninety five between Fredericksburg and the fourteenth street bridge in Annandale heritage drive both ways between little river turnpike in Ravensworth road we do have some covert testing in Annandale high school that's under police direction so watch out for that no issues reported on the beltway between Alexandria and McLean looking pretty good so far on sixty six eastbound westbound between Gainesville in Roslyn in Maryland the beltway is clear no problems reported on two seventy so far most of the work zones of course are pretty much move out for the weekend and running well the traveling on route fifty this is in the west bound direction on the bay bridge left lane blocked for that two way traffic prep if it's ever needed right now things are pretty clear on fifty between the capital beltway and the eastern shore in suburban park north down to Richie highway and Robinson road in Leland drive we had a report of a crash there otherwise looking pretty good if you travel on branch Avenue southbound Gulf near Stratford road we have a single lane getting by the accident scene taking you to the district southern Avenue both ways between Massachusetts Avenue and ridge road we have lanes blocked due to of course crash that happened earlier and also some down pulls down wires there so please use caution if you're in the area rob soul worth WTOP traffic looking at a warmer one today let's get your storm team four four day forecast now from Lauren rickets it's absolutely breathtaking outside right now we've got temperatures that are climbing into the upper sixties and lower seventies were headed to the low eighties for daytime highs today the rain is out where we get the chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm bubbling up that a twenty percent chance but a lot of us if not most of us are staying dry through the remainder of the day again temperatures right around eighty degrees a touchy humidity as we continue through tomorrow more clouds not quite he's pretty temperatures will be a little cooler right around seventy degrees for your Sunday Monday Memorial Day beautiful will wake up to temperatures in the upper fifties top out in the mid to upper seventies on Monday with a mix of sun and clouds sunshine continues Tuesday and Wednesday and so does the heat mid eighties Tuesday and Wednesday seventy one right now in Washington Leesburg Gaithersburg sixty eight Fredericksburg in Manassas moving up seventy three

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Most of the work zones of course are pretty much move out for the weekend and running well

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