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To work on the city budget regardless


I ninety five the school expressway also looks good between the vine in two oh two and construction there this weekend so definitely some good news for drivers and a major slowdowns on northeast extension between mid county and Quakertown I just heard from eighteen T. phone force tips or at two one five seven twenty four ten sixty got a problem in northeast Philadelphia the cabbie road just north of the Grand Avenue you've got the right lane blocked with some flooding both ways so just look out for that area bridges are okay in in New Jersey no major incidents to report on forty two or fifty five the Jersey turnpike also looking good but we still have that problem one

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To work on the city budget regardless

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Two twenty two we are awaiting an update from city officials on the

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Heal our land state representative

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There's police I see on seventh and they're trying to keep you away over by a Madison Avenue

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Emergency relief team dot com

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State law so it will take a

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OceanFirst bank commercial lending

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Bad news there too the Ben Franklin bridge is closed heading westbound into Philadelphia because of the

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