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Spices Michelle Bellino and I joke here unless Minnesota make systemic changes governor Tim Walz says protests and possible writing will be a threat we don't just right near the top on educational attainment we rank near the top on on personal incomes on homeownership but if you take a deeper look and peel it back which this week is peeled back all of those statistics are true if you're white if you're not we rank near the bottom an eight PM curfew and highway closures are being extended in Minneapolis and St Paul again tonight and the full National Guard airmen will remain on duty helping police stop the vandalism looting and arson seen over the past week the protests and violence began after George Floyd was pinned to the ground by Minneapolis police officer during arrest on Memorial Day with the officers need pressing down on Floyd's neck an autopsy has found the officer's actions did contribute to Floyd's death I'm Julia Bertino

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