Philadelphia Mayor withdraws real estate tax hike after state covers school shortfall


Mayor Kenney has withdrawn his proposal for a property tax increase to fund the school district because the state legislature has agreed to higher than expected school funding K. Y. W. city hall bureau chief Pat Loeb reports he made that announcement during his covert briefing mayor Kenney sent a letter to city council president Darrell Clarke saying he requested the four percent tax increase to keep the district from having to make painful cuts that would set students back but the state funding will eliminate the district's deficit and so the tax increases not need it however he says a tax increase may be needed in the future this act of the legislature Phil to hold for this year going forward there got it more as long as I'm there I'm not stepping back allowing our kids to go through what they went through in two thousand eight nine ten Clark said the mayor's letter was welcome not sure if there was any support for this increase regardless of that letter the mayor also announced the briefing this city is almost ready to reveal guidelines for moving into the yellow face of reopening the health commissioner reported continued progress in the number of new cases and other measures toward the goal of going yellow on June

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