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Cuomo, de Blasio agree on mid-June reopening for New York City


Governor Cuomo's giving some more guidance on mask mask rules rules America America Blasio's Blasio's giving giving us us a a better better picture picture of of what what life life will will be be like like in in New New York York as as the the city city begins begins to to reopen reopen next next month month John John Montone Montone has has the the round round up up this this morning morning John John it it sounds sounds like the governor is calling for a cover up when we're talking about re opening stores and places of business we're giving the store owners the right to say if you're not wearing a mask you can't come in and while in Brooklyn Cuomo brought some Brooklyn with them Rosie Perez to say do the right thing please spread love the Brooklyn way get tested wear masks and talking about re opening New York City Cuomo and mayor de Blasio agreed all phase one re opening could happen in early to mid June structure manufacturing our wholesale and the kind of retail it's not been covered by central but again with restrictions it won't be in New York City B. C. B. for covert nineteen but the Blasi oh says two to four hundred thousand workers would return worksite capacity would be at fifty percent and this one person in an elevator at a time

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