Chicago mayor restricts vehicle, transit access downtown, calls in National Guard help after demonstrations turn violent


There was a protest outside the Barclays center a peaceful one not many police officers even they're certainly not like that line of police in front of the entrance on previous nights mayor de Blasio said city police showed tremendous restraint overall of for this weekend so far he said today he is concerned though about that video showing two police cruisers lurching into a crowd of demonstrators in Brooklyn I don't like when those vehicles and up in that kind of situation we've had this conversation commissioner and chief Monahan I we've got to work to make sure that the vehicles don't end up in that situation begin with that's on us but it's also on everyone's protesting to not surround a vehicle and threaten the lives of our officers and Brooklyn assemblyman Robert Carroll joined the protest in Prospect Park he was on Twitter he said it's a family marched through the park and you can hear him handing out masks listen to this I would like a clock last governor Cuomo said the New York National Guard is on standby just in case trouble breaks out in fact state police have already been sent to buffalo and Rochester comma said there is any need for a curfew

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