Pakistan International Airlines flight 8303 Crash Data


Let's start first with the Pakistan International Airlines crash that crashed on Friday the day that the last podcast came out so the twenty second of May early morning our time. About midday in Karachi, the aircraft had flown from Lahore and was bound for Karachi and conducted one approach, and then attempted to go around and crashed during. That attempted go around the information. The data that we've received from the aircraft was not aid. ESP, so unfortunately, there's no bazillion information included, but we did get a lot of extended mode s data from the aircraft, so that has provided a great deal of incites, things like altitude indicated airspeed, true airspeed, vertical rates, and things like that from everything I've seen. This just didn't look good. Yes, so we the authorities and I think that the French have taken the lead on the so far have recovered both the flight data recorder in the cockpit. Voice Recorder and have taken them back to France. They transported it I believe in Eighth HR. Thirty eight hundred neo yet is an interesting little bit of information. Do it that as you will. But they transported that back to believed to loosen, they were able to successfully download the contents of both recorders. which if you've seen the pictures of those is always. that. They're able to get anything off them because they look absolutely terrible I mean they they are. They're literally designed to be crashproof at, but it's always amazing that they really are in almost every circumstance now readable, and that's no exception in this case, but the data that was pulled from the extended. Mona's painted a not so great picture. They came in fast. They came in steep. It was not a stable approach. That's what the data is telling us. We're not making any conclusions, but the initial data does not look very comforting that. I'll leave it at that. We can say that for sure. The indicated airspeed Four for the aircraft on the first approach. Did Not. Go below two hundred dots on the first approach, and only went below two hundred knots when the aircraft was already conducting its go round after the go around was initiated, the aircraft lost power in the engines, and that is what led to. The that that's the direct would directly resulted in the crash. There's evidence based on markings on the runway. The aircraft did in fact touched the runway without its gear down, but we're still waiting for all sorts of. Additional data from the flight data recorder to to really understand what happened. Obviously, this is like any crash. Investigation will take a significant amount of time. And there won't be a final report for for. We'll say a year or so, but a preliminary report should be forthcoming in. Hopefully we'll learn more there. Yup So we'll say has always say we'll keep you updated as we hear am. I believe we'll have some sort of initial fact-finding report within the next week I. Think I think that's what they've said didn't it will see what happens at that point? Interesting to know some some of the finer details, hopefully that reporters issued speaking of keeping updated on things that happened something we talked about I. Don't know how many episodes ago, but this was in twenty, eighteen, the very serious incident with a session airlines, a three nineteen, where the first officer was rather severely injured because the right windscreen. Disintegrated came out, and and the the first officer was partially sucked out of the aircraft. That's a bad day. was a very bad day. And the final report by the safety branch of the Chinese. Aviation Commission. came out this week, and so the final investigation pointed to the likely cause as a long chain. Of tiny things going wrong that led to the windscreen shattering. So there's a power supply wire that runs underneath the windscreen to to keep the windscreen. To supply power to the windscreen heaters. And there had been a gap opening up that allowed water vapor to enter the wire. You know eventually corroded because of the the water, and so there was a power. Being arked off of that and the temperature caused the. Eventual rupture of glass when that enough the pressure changes enough and the window blows out and the first officer also blows out in this particular case, a partially bows out. Yeah, so was managed to stay mostly in the aircraft. And received medical attention when when they landed will link to the report though it. Yet good luck reading it. If you don't Speak Mandarin, you might have some trouble reading. We're going to try and track down in English English translation to put showed to if possible, but will link to to report nonetheless so yeah. We've always talked about you know. It's always a chain of things. It's never just one thing that causes an accident in the certainly was another example of that.

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