State of Emergency declared for Atlanta after night of riots


Fifteen hundred national guardsmen are being deployed to Atlanta right now they will be working with city officials through the weekend that includes one hundred Humvees were talking about the protests from last night into this morning governor camp has issued a state of emergency for Fulton County a downtown business association with roughly two hundred fifty members putting out a statement following the riots in Atlanta central Atlanta progress asking the public to support businesses from a distance while they repair the damage along with the Atlanta downtown improvement district the statement reads in part we are heartbroken that our neighborhood sustained so much destruction but are relieved that widespread recovery efforts are well underway and that despite many broken windows there were no significant injuries massive clean up under way in downtown Atlanta more that clean up from channel two action news reporter Steve Gelbard the protests smashing of glass of smoke from fires replaced in downtown by the home of city workers began Saturday morning with volunteers coming out to literally start picking up the pieces everyone else anyway we can be supportive without someone from the mayor's office looking to clean up the city we all love after watching the destruction from before but last night does not represent the best of Atlanta and so I want to come here really just to see that the damage first hand and I saw a small group of volunteers and I I really just want to help out National Guard kept a watchful eye all morning and again this afternoon police confirm there has been looting at the college football hall of fame also Phipps plaza all from last night the target on Peachtree road AT and T. store in Lenox road FedEx store and Starbucks on Peachtree street many many other businesses the clean up well under way

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