Riots, looting, cars set ablaze in downtown Seattle chaos after protests


Imagine downtown Seattle now in shambles after hours of people setting cars on fire officers lobbing tear gas looters in a free for all in the downtown area the curfew we had imposed in Seattle now over at least for the next eleven hours we have another one in effect later today at five PM until tomorrow morning Seattle police chief Carmen best stating that the curfew helped officers couples Denise Whitaker with a new statement from the cheap this morning good morning the next morning the chief issued this statement just a few hours ago as she said people remain to downtown still assaulting officers still looting downtown stores the National Guard arrived last night to help control those crowds downtown the guard arrived in full riot gear mostly unarmed you can see that they carry batons with them before they arrived she's best to set her officers were working to protect people's lives she said multiple officers and civilians were injured mayor Jenny Durkan answered questions earlier on the violence that she watched with many of you we will protect the people of Seattle but we also make sure that our officers act appropriately I will also add that I have seen the officers taking enormous punishment last night into today with a number of things thrown their way and force being used and chief master reiterated that in her statement that the priority is indeed protecting life and ending the destruction today's also says the next steps for Seattle police will include reviewing a lot of video they were able to grab from surveillance cameras and many of the stores in cameras that are set up there in the downtown area of the have a look at this for prosecution purposes and of course priority downtown to get cleaned up and get secured a again just a reminder city officials saying it's not a good thing to go for a joyride in downtown Seattle right now to have a look it is very busy right now in the investigation continues and again a public is asked to stay away at

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