Chicago Stevenson Expressway Reopens After Shooting Investigation Closes Southbound Lanes


Company good morning both Iran well good morning Pat we went from one mass on an expressway to now a mass on the tollway we will start on the tri state tollway were on the northbound side we have some really heavy traffic over the mile long bridge approaching the Stevenson this is because of a fully engulfed vehicle fire that is blocking the exit ramp to the inbound Stevenson expressway once you get past this we're jammed up from North Avenue to the Bensenville bridges a crash in the left lane there and in the middle of all that we had a report of a crash your Ogden's well with the crews heading out to check on it so kind of a very messy northbound tri state tollway trip today the southbound side of tri state is moving at the speed limit the rest the Illinois tollway staff a few spots of road work here and there but no major delays because of them on the expressways Eaton's looking good the Kennedy about twenty six minutes from o'hare sixteen from the junction outbound delays eyes now are about thirty three minutes from route three ninety twenty from Mannheim in about thirty two minutes out to route three ninety the Stevenson found out thirty seven minutes three fifty five the lake shore drive police from central Pulaski and Damon to the Dan Ryan outbound Stevenson's all clear traffic is using it once again after early morning shut down for an investigation the Dan Ryan invest a heavy past Garfield into the burning or change its twenty seven minutes from ninety fifth in downtown but the up outside of right is now delayed three fifty seven and the bishop Porter both in great shape lake shore drive north down so from Roosevelt to Monroe and then as you approach the Chicago River because the two right lanes remain closed over the Chicago River through the end of this month no southbound delays on lake shore drive I. eighty is all clear eighty ninety four looking good I sixty five the Indiana toll road in pretty good shape as well do you still have a closure in the loop State Street remains blocked from Randolph to lake because of ongoing police activity is it's an investigation into a shooting there she's Michigan

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