Why this Ex-Goldman Sachs Trader Started a Bitcoin Exchange w/ BTSE's Brian Wong



Tell us a little bit about about how you got involved in Crypto in wide. You Start Building this exchange. Show so I came from a legacy market background I started off my career washroom. Actually was set Goldman in Essex Increasing Division. And I you know we were doing. Quantitative Trading Block imaging Trach shredders and then liaison got involved in a hedge fund in in China where I launch a monkey missing. To Trade. On shoal financial products like index futures, commodity futures trading like gold silver. Reba all sorts of things and then. I I heard about bitcoin around twenty thirteen. That was one at first bull market. kind of went might lessen under dollars a shot up to over a thousand dollars, and then in two thousand thirteen. Everyone's talking about bitcoin. Shanghai Shanghai outside. People were saying Oh, you know. MOMS and POPs are all getting into bitcoin and that got me interested in this. New Market. I guess I was coming from A. Point of view of flight. Oh, how can treat this? It seems like that is a lot of ginny stage to trade bitcoin, perhaps arbitrage yet so I started looking into it, and then back in the days, the opportunities were pretty crazy for trading. Like you could. Basically. In between the few exchanges static existed back in the days by hand. You don't even need a computer you don't need to connect by. You can literally just by becoming one exchange transferred over the blockchain to another exchange and then south, and they make a pretty hefty profit sometimes I might be this location couple. That's how I I learned about Bitcoin and then absence. Fascinated by the space by technology by the people involved in his face I would say it's I. Say in the Legacy Marcus I continue to. BOOT, trading systems. Trade and Ben in about twenty, seventeen, twenty, eight, my co-founders and I we were witnessing one of the greatest bull markets in history but at the time a lot of the other changes stay. Plate with issues like system move lows. Scale ability issues technology issues, so we decided that we wanna take a lot of the know how that we have how bill perpetrating system Avocados, scalable trading systems stable platforms. Michael Founder boat. Train system that will trade billions of dollars a day experience in technology side of thanks, so I'll go was really set about building an exchange that cope with the scale ability up the com- oppositionist site. We think bitcoins continued scalp. More people are GONNA put money into big time. More hedge funds more traditional pension funds. Pension funds to teachers, Pension Fund might allocate a portion of that you into become so the the space will continue to grow up. We need technology change that can cope with that skin. So that's how we set off to build bitsy change. We build the proper foundation, layer. Ossetia's highly scalable again. Cobra uses is very low latency and high performance. That's really awesome. I mean you. You come from a tremendous background, and this is you're right. That's exactly what we need. Even today we're seeing you know. Spikes in volume and coin basis crashing bit mexes crashing all these platforms that have a lot of the traffic. They can't handle it and you're right. We do need something can

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