Race to Premier League Top 4



The race to the top of the Premier Li is tight especially for those on the outside, looking in Manchester United in Fifth Spurs in a film meet on. Friday separated by just four points in the table, and as you see Friday's odd, the bookmakers don't see much separation between the two sides, either still with US Danny and Stevie Danny I'll start with you. Spurs getting everybody back, so Kasan Kane and yet before the stoppage, they were dreadful. How much confidence do you have in Marino turnaround? I think the place that you just mentioned comeback. Think shoot for them I think if you look at Hurricane, for example, you know the way the the way the Marino started when he first came in. You know he's. He's the focal point of the team. And what taught him did and what radio likes to do quite often is allow their positions of the ball not worked really well for Tottenham in the. The opening stage hurricane was fit. They would sit deep, and then when they won the Ballpark the likes of Aldo viral song. You know very good on the pole. They would be any press from the opposition on the way to be. That was played the bullets. A hurricane is one of the best send full wits with his back to goal, and then the lights, Dalyell. You started unbelievably well on marine. He was getting close to hurricane. The likes of saw the likes of Lucas Mara, but then not hold dynamic. If the team change hurricane got injured, talk continues to play the same way what they had to play. Believe Lucas Maraven even daily goal. Sean is the man and while I do the pace while they don't have the whole to ability of of Hurricane. So what would happen is the. The the balls were being played very long and delone centerfold would find himself very isolated and he wasn't getting any support from the mid fail, so I think hurricane coming budget changes. The whole dynamics of this team and marina will be grateful. letty sparked, but I think optimistic as well for the rest of the season Stevie, Deli allies suspended that everybody's back from Marino. No excuses now, yeah. Do you know what? That little picture Danny painted of the best bastion of. The problem is is the time we saw the best version of Tottenham you probably going back to the semifinal. Champions League which seems like a million miles away so. They've got talent. Settling when the on the game that a team to be reckoned with, but the factors the haven't been even though the Hudson's under Marino. Hasn't exactly been great to watch. Listen yes, the everybody park, but it's one thing having named John Team Sheet. It's another one to perform so. I'm not quite as confident that is Tottenham. Say can just turn around even though the home and stop perdition, Danny other side of this Manchester United. It's pretty clear obvious question. If Paul POGBA was fit. Do you start them? I do you know I would stop him I think obviously it does get a Chris go in his way, which you can understand some of and I think it's probably the from unites. Oppose the ability that he does have just shown on him. All consistent basis. I think obviously. Since, he's been injured. Does undeserved Don incredibly well? He's hit the ground running and nothing dot can only benefit Paul Paul I. Think one of the situations the much should united of Hardouin Paul Pogba was playing without any any of the playmakers around on the Patriots expects it to do everything. Let's not forget. This is a play. The Golden Moshe sister lunch night. Let season got the most goals from. Last season, and was still criticized and I think when he first came from event as he was seen as a play, there was a box to box midfielder. Now I don't believe Stephen May Disagree, but I don't believe there's such thing. Those box box midfielders because the game is far too quick his faults. A defensive midfield dictate from from DEEPA or you're document midfield during that just thing that now. What happened while can happen is from United's perspective. The biggest problem in recent years has been when teams have played against them in sock united haven't been able to break down the lesser teams. They've got no problems against most of the because the complain the counter attack now the added insensitive, not for months of shines that they have to playmakers in the team, so the opposition midfield can get caught between a rock and hard place. Do they go and stop Pogba with try to stop? Poker will probably be playing deeper. Now than finance than Fernandes in space. If you go stop, stop, Fernandez, then you leave Papa with more space, so it could work out really well for Manchester, united and obviously Chris Rashford coming back as well united. One of you know a few teams that could actually be coming back into this situation stronger than while they finished although they had some outstanding

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