Andr Leon Talley on 'The Chiffon Trenches'



When I wrote this I my first book was basically a Beautiful Ahmad to those two ladies, and then I, did cover some of the things about upgrade my background, but I do not go into the depths of what I have gone into this you find trenches initial find trenches in his epistle of love to the important narrative of my life getting. Under upbringing North Carolina all the way to twenty twenty. I go to the decades of when I was at the top of my career vote. In sitting in the front row in. Daily experiencing racism, sexism ageism, all of that and I decided to I had to be very very raw, an honest within a degree, and I told the truth about many things that I never spoken before one being my sexual abuse in childhood. Then I told things that had never been told before about how I experienced racism in the world of fashion. As the there are two different books. occas of sort of a a jewel of book and I'm very proud that I is well because. Of How these two women shaped my life, and became very important factors in my life how they overlaps, it's women, one of African American domestic made for fifty years of her life at Duke University, the other woman a mentor. Editor. Chief evoke in the sixties, and then she went onto the museum. The Metropolitan. When she created the modern fashion exhibit is thanks to her that people now have major fashion exhibits in museums globally. There's not one that has not been influenced by the work of the. So, is there a point in that seventeen year interim between these two books where you thought to yourself, you know I've left something out, or I need to go back and tell a fuller story now. That was never a point like I always just say I had an uncle, said just keep getting up everyday. Just keep getting so I never thought about it in seventy years. I've gotTA write my second memoir. My Document Jerry came out in twenty eighteen the Gospel according to Andrei benefits by the second memoir, because the response of people the outpouring of love. From that documentary was so beautiful. The response I got from People Street. Some people would see the film in the audiences. Remarkable so wonderful, and he gave me the confidence to write the Second Watch. The second while was born from the document. Jerry and I saw the duck return. I loved it by the way I loved what Kate Novak did what we did as collaborators, and then I decided well I. Think I. should not my memoir a second I only. But it never headed for seventeen years I left out. I never thought that I was GONNA. Write another one. My agent David Vigilante took me around, and it'd be had meetings with different companies, different companies, and we got to Pat Buchanan at Random House, and that was one on Friday and Saturday what he called me and he said. Random House is ready to preempt all offers an idea and said well I'm GonNa do it I did it and I have never looked back

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