Reading A Book Is A Spiritual Habit

The Rogue Muslim


And welcome back to another episode of the rogue Muslim podcast this week I am just giving you a pre check in for the next Virgil Habit, which is to read a book about spirituality, Respiratory Book. And I a really hard time figuring out what I wanted to read because the so many books also site night. Good reads Mike God. Is just robbing me. It's robbing me I just put so many books onto my to Realis- than wanting to read less than than. But. He just goes down the green. I mean it's not really good investment, but still I have so many, both I haven't read in my own library, so I should get to that, so I've been really trying to make consented at to not buy any books into just read. What's what I've already built? which is what do this of spiritual book, but I was thinking. What do I want to focus on the so much but Do something like. Personality of the Beta. Profit focus about You know one of the roots of religion or one of the branches of religion Mike what do I want to focus on in in reading this? And I was doing some thinking and I thought well. I've done like the gorilla and Doing spending more time in nature, which both tied in reading nicely, and so what I continue this and then realized I had a book that I bought an start reading investi reading. I mean I was only. Fourteen pages in and then I got distracted by, but because that's always what happens. And I thought why I should read that, and what's also great about this book? It's called Green Dean what Islam teaches about protecting the planet. was also great. It is that it is by a black Muslim scholar. Our black must offer called Abraham of the meeting and it just in light of the black lives matter movement, a continuing to try and practicing to be an ally. On. Which of saying foods, black, Muslim ala or Ala ship to black Muslims. This is great that I can support From Black Muslim scholarship, whilst also continuing on less learning about Green Bean, and learning about our planet and kind of different ways that we can Relate the product in love from an unknown about through the planet, so yeah I don't really know what else to say so I guess I can give you a quick. which is just reading the back, and then I'll just let Villian insight into The chapters at this will cover just so that you know kind of if you're interested in buying it. I mean I'm only fourteen pages in, but I love this book or ready. It's been super. Insightful so highly highly recommend you. Get it, but just the exit. Says Muslims compelled by the religion to pit to prey, secretes up prey in charity, but what is not widely known is that there are a longstanding connections between Islam teachings at environmentalism in this groundbreaking book in. Not Draws on research scripture into these with Muslim Americans to trace his lumps for found dedication to humankind's collective role as stewards of the earth.

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