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Are now joined by Alice Ashton. Alice Has Been A. Patron for awhile for the podcast so I got to know her through some communication with that that was years ago and I've been wanting to have you on the podcast for time, and it never got around to schedule you until until now. So sorry about that, but Alice was A. is in the process of retiring the US Navy. IS A. Trans person and a activist and a number of areas. So Alice welcomed with nomads. Having. I think the. The first area where I want to get started with this is. What's your? What's your basic story? I grew up Mormon Join the military at Eighteen, my dad was air force so I went in the airports that of the air force after six years. And then a couple of years later rejoined. The navy finished fourteen more years so I could get my twenty year retirement. and. Thout twenty sixteen. I came out as as it was. Authorized I came out as trans. In the military. And? Since, then I I've been. Trying to be an activist for. that particular group of People We could get more into that later, but. I don't have an atheist origin story because it took. Wasn't like one thing that happened. It was just over time. I kind of floated more and more away from religion and for. Certain denominations and Mormons would definitely be one of them it's. That's one where when you drift out. It's hard to move into some other form of religion. Yes! So in the military I was. In Arabic linguists. and. A. Job dealt with that. And that's a tough language specialty. I wasn't necessarily like the best lingering, but it was. A job that I had pretty good At first I had very good job satisfaction, but as my politics went more and more to the left I felt a lot. Less happy about it, so let be retired. Yeah. especially if you're. Dealing with the Arabic language, there's some definite the problematic areas in that part of the world. So? I have my twenty year retirement I'm. Going to have my military retirement for life, but I want to. Go back to school with the GI bill and become a journalist. So Nice. so what was? At what point did you know that you were were trans? That's always a question because I have primaries of. The youngest seven of. Wondering why I wasn't born a girl. Not Correct Terminology but at that age you don't understand. Especially Growing Mormon. Yes. Obviously, my my parents, my mom in particular was very much. Oh, well, boys don't wear dresses. Boys don't do this or that so. Kinda had just put it away and not think about it. I didn't actually Except myself this trans until I was thirty clash.

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