Premiere Epsiode! Welcoming New Hunters : Gun Talk Hunt | 06.06.20

Gun Talk


Hey I'm Ryan. Gresham, this is Kevin Jargon K J. This is gun talk hunt. I like how the podcast guys will go this episode one. Of of gun talk, hunt Hunting. We're GONNA. Talk Hunting Today on gun talk. Hunt. You kinda got a little creepy. That was my that was my. Public access voice all right welcome to a new podcast from gun. Talk talking all about hunting. And we were. We had this brainstorm session. We said what we call it. Let's go gun. Talk on, if I guess if someone has a better name for it was. Yeah, we'll. All names will be considered at this point, but it's meat eater, it is. That is. It would be a good one, but I think I. Feel I really feel like it's already taken. But this is, it's it's hard. Because in our world, the lines are so blurred. You know because we kind of do a little bit of everything. We do it on the tactical side. We knew it on the civilian side. We the range stuff. We do a little bit of everything and hunting. It's not our biggest audience, but it's hard to ignore. Well. The thing is we are hunters were hunter. I'm a hunter. That's how we grew up in it and it's funny for gun. Talk and I'll just a little behind the scenes for the listeners I mean. Obviously a lot of you guys know I'm third generation and doing this and as a kid growing up and going on photo shoots for magazine articles. It was always. There was nothing tactical, and so it's funny now that. For a lot of our content, it skews towards the quote. Unquote tactical side of things concealed, carry, or whatever it is the shooting side of things, a lot of that's driven by the new products that are coming out, and if you have a sponsor, and you say hey, what are what are some content things? Some ideas? They don't WanNa talk about concealed carry pistol, and that's the new flashy. It's it's hard to when you get into hunting and you get into all this new stuff. You buy one and typically you're done right. You know whereas on the tactical side and the range stuff there's always something new. There's always something new developed It's not to say that they're not developing new products, but typically in the hunting world. You buy one bowl gun and you're good. You don't have to go out and upgrade well along those live. We actually have sponsors for the on TNN for you, so you can knock it out today's gun talk. Hunt is brought to you by Timmy triggers the world's finest triggers and by Springfield armory, which are both companies who've been around a long time. Also at and.

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