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We're going to get around above stories making news in the Balkans now I'm joined to buy our correspondence in the region at guide to Lauraingraham. Good afternoon to you. You are in the Slovenian capital. What is happening there? While we're opening up a bet here, marcus in fact, as Britain is going in the direction of putting arrivals and quarantine fourteen days, which is caused a great deal of Cathal over there. I'm here in Slovenia it's exactly the opposite. The country's just opened up. To arrivals from fourteen other European countries, and that's ranging from Switzerland to Iceland and Germany the Baltics, and that's in addition to its neighbours, Croatia Hungary and Austria. Restrictions on rivals from those places had already been lifted Italy those going to have to wait for a little while, but probably for about a week longer, and it's very bad news coming from north Macedonia Marcus, it's a compulsory fourteen day quarantine arriving from that, and that's because of a recent increase in a number of covid nineteen cases. Luckily I'm not coming from us. Part of the world's continuing to the neighboring country Croatia. What's making headlines over there now? We'd like railway journey Sony Marcus on Monocle, twenty, four and I. This is warm, which sounds to me? Like a railway journey that that I'd like to make, and it's one from the Czech Republic through to the Croatian coast, and this is being run by the Czech railway operator regular I think you pronounce it regular jet. Should we go with that? And they are running trains that I think we'll go with that the plan anyway as whatever they could they. However you pronounce that they're going to be running night. Trains from the Czech Republic from Prague directly through to the Croatian coast to be precise, the city of the reactor, which is actually one of the European capitals of culture this year, and from they'll be able to get connections to any of your coastal destinations, and this is a big deal. It's a big. Big Deal for people in the Czech Republic because eight hundred thousand of them every year. Go on holiday in Croatia apparently, the the advertising in in the Czech. Republic refers to Croatia as aw coast so quite proprietorial about it. They are number seven in terms of tourist arrivals in Croatia, so it's not an exaggeration, really but it's also a big deal for Croatia. Because twenty percent of their GDP is generated by tourism I'm said they're going to have to. Find ways of getting people from places like the Czech Republic that key tourism markets. If that is salvage any kind of a summer season at all, and this is exactly the when people are talking about corona corridors between countries which have low infection rates of which. Croatia and the Czech Republic A to well I think that A. Colorado, because let's face it this. This trains conjugate three tunnels Marcus that raw appeals to me I in terms of both an elegant solution and the word play, and the fact that it'll. Be a very beautiful train journey. If you can see if it's not to. Dock sounds very promising. Let's continue our tour next to L.. The obeyed and authorities are facing legal action. Tell us more about that. into the on this is over the the controversial demolition of the national. Theatre building in Tirana now. This happened last month. After years of protest in the middle of the night, the early hours of a Sunday morning the authorities just moved in and knocked down the National Theatre. More or less said it's done now. Everybody move on well surprise prize. Everybody hasn't moved on. There's a group which call themselves the Alliance for the protection of the National Theatre well. Maybe they should think about changing their name been the not changing their caused that. filing legal action against a number of municipal officials who were involved with voting to demolish the theater, the also again for the the head of the National Inspectorate for the protection of territory, and it's also been going for civil engineer who said that the the building was not safe, and therefore should be demolished as it's already got one hundred thousand signatures from. From people who say they won't be the Old National Theatre to be recreated on the site of of where it was was. The authorities are planning on installing a nice, shiny new national fair to that. It sounds like we have to do a chicken with you guy about this story soon again when we get new developments. That was Monaco's get logging joining us from Lubiana.

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