The Bitcoin Podcast #312-Emin Gn Sirer CEO of AVA LABS


If. You've heard that. Amazing music by Gibbs. You know what time it is. It's time for. The BITCOIN PODCAST So. My name is dee. I'm the hosted talks. I and we have a special guest host and he'll be frequently guest host. For the. Future NUNC getting for about the next. I don't know four to six weeks as POCO petty enters the world. We all know tiny corey petty is having tiny your petty. With his mazing. ANIME petty says. You Better Watch out. and. He is on paternity. Leave from podcast for a little while so congratulations to them. It's probably going to have red hair stocking Lee red hair just like corey does. So another red headed child has entered. The Earth. or will enter the earth. I think there is like right. She's on the cusp. She's about the pop. So we've brought in the Wayne Mr Crypto, himself Wayne the floor is yours. You can introduce yourself. Get acquainted with With the audience. Why? It's good to join you once again. I just love the option message you know it's. It's a real big family. Show with adoption being the C you know adoption is important and adoption has family. That's kind of adoption. You're talking about right adoption. It is man Thank you for reminding me like we used to say. Adoption is the only thing that matters and it still is. Second my dog is deciding to have a buffet rednecks me. Hey Dog! Landau. Stop. That's GonNa work I know. It's GonNa, work and That's right you've been. You've had a dog for about a month now, not to solid month and a half. He likes to chew on his toys when I'm recording in no other time. Other than that. He's trying to bug me, but soon as I saw recordings like oh recording. Let me go ahead and just now on this loud as bone right next to them, or you're making noises, so hanes domestic noises. Also Suzanne fine bigger dog fan. Follow the leader at cat. Sorry Audience was that we. Do. Corey is having a kid. And you don't WanNa, be alone because of personal issues so I'm joining you. Once again. And so. I'm yesterday crypto. First Name Wayne Minna Slack, so if you are listening to listening, not join the slack. The collaborative chatting information sharing. Sometimes trolling platform go in there, and you can ask questions. Lots of people will give you. Lots of different opinions love the slack. I'm not in there as much as I'd like, but that's a lot of things in life, so it's a it's a great place to of hang out and just chair, things or ask questions and then. The Nitin anything is you have a wide variety of you know you have neophytes and you've got experts. You've got opinionated people. You've got strong knowledge and technical. You know all over the place, so it's it's an it's a nice. Diverse. Corner of the world where you can go and and mostly talk Crypto, and then there's some non-cocoa channels and things but I. To build a community. I think that's that's important for adoption as Cook does not just for. People who want to be sovereign and people want to be on their own, but I think the community aspect is very important. The perfect explanation I mean come. Next time next time I'm going to bring a soundboard and we'll have an in neighboors. Once, let's do it. Let's do it. I just got my soundboard up and running like the split second before we rewarded. I was like Oh yeah I thought I had to do this heavy expert. I remember those like just got, but so yeah adoption. It's the only thing that matters and I'm glad you called a family. Show away in with you told be personally to my face in real life that we I too much. It's hard for you to listen with your kids. Know, we've had other conversations like that I I try not to proactively complain. I'd rather just put my attention somewhere else so. When I encounter things I don't like I might address them because I think that's important of direct, but I'm not GonNa make an I am going to try to not make an issue out of it so I'll just go somewhere else. and. If adoption is the only thing that matters then I think that having a consumable message. Should be one of the top. Pieces, but that is difficult when you're trying to juggle. Being marketable being consumable and also being yourself. Because as you talked about a couple of episodes ago, I think you're mimicking your dad and the calling base and the fees and you know trying to explain forks and he's mad, and of course you know all of your impressions, which Corey had verified as accurate. Word laced with a lot of profanity, and it's like you know that has a place and I'm not saying you need to not have any profanity. It's just when it is any. That might. Reduce adoption. Might be considered something that you curtail initially. It's a discussion point right and it's not A. Not something that needs to be handled necessarily. that is is colorful and he he he was military man, so he has a different. Entire vocabulary just for curse words that he can pull out in a moment's notice it. yeah, I do understand that a lot of my family's military. I was military and there is a completely different language depending on the town or the group of your in. Curse words are so creative outside of.

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