Cuomo: 'We have a moment here where we can make change'


Largely because people want is very simple they want America as good as its promise and that's what the protesters are saying you're saying enough is enough Mr Floyd's death Eric garner's death Abner Louima is death I'm do Diablos death Rodney king's death when does it end and I think they're right this is a national moment for change and New York is going to lead the way on this change as protests continue around the city and the country this afternoon the nation's capital is bracing for some massive gatherings correspondent Rachel Scott officials here in DC are expecting today's demonstrations to be the largest yet since George Floyd's death the mayor renaming the area right in front of this White House black lives matter plaza the protesters say that while symbols like this in front of the White House are powerful they say it is not enough they want to see action from the president and their

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