Cities across US announce police reform following mass protests against brutality


Demonstrators across the country are demanding changes to policing and some state and local governments are heeding those calls lawmakers in new York's legislature passed a first wave of bills yesterday and here's Brian man has been following this and joins us now Brian governor Andrew Cuomo has said he'll sign these bills into law what's going to change well maybe the most dramatic change is going to be a law making co called illegal when used by police in some cases it'll be a felony a lot of police departments across New York state had already banned this procedure but now it will be a criminal offense and this measure was named after Eric garner a black man who died in twenty fourteen after he was placed in a chokehold by a white officer his dying words I can't breathe were recorded on a cell phone video they became one of the rallying cries of the black lives matter movement and yesterday state senator Brian Benjamin who represents Harlem said this reform just had to happen we unfortunately have not been providing safety for African Americans in this country what this bill does is says you know what we're going to try to move closer to a system where everyone feels safe in this country and one remarkable thing yesterday Rachel a Republican senators to block similar reforms for years in New York they voted with Democrats on the Senate passed

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