Companies Find New Perks for the Remote Worker

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You know at some point. Most likely there will be a vaccine against covid. Nineteen and people could conceivably go back into the office because we would need to socially distance so kind of big picture bobby, what what are you going to be watching for lockdowns? Lift and companies continue with these work from home. W. F. H. as are known policy. Yeah, I mean the one big thing I'm going to be looking for is how much work from home to is just going to become part of a weekly or monthly schedule as an employee. Even if you don't want to say what Jack Dorsey at twitter, said, which is, we are going to allow our employees to work indefinitely from. From home. If you want to Dorsey telling his employees, they can work remotely forever from anywhere. Tells USA Today that the past few months have shown them. That business can function normally with more remote workers you know. Maybe companies are going to say. We figured out during this pandemic, especially among knowledge workers. You know the white collar class who do mostly computer work. They can do a lot of that stuff from home. They don't have to come into an office, so maybe part of their package to new hires is here's your salary? Your benefits and you have X. number of work from home weeks. I'm talking to Labor experts here. It really seems like. This has been a test. Of, how well work from home will work for companies and companies, where for so long reluctant to give workers this flexibility, but now I really do think it's going to become something that is going to be built into every job I'll be I'll be looking out in tech and beyond to see. Just. How much of a norm this does become and what kind of new issues besides surveillance issue? Crop or crop up I. Mean You know? Maybe this is the way of the future and it's going to be you know a boon to both workers and employers don't know yet.

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