The Chiefs Edition: Emma Tucker


Hello and welcome to the chiefs on Model Twenty four I'm todd overlay over the course of this edition of the big interview series, I'm speaking to C. Suite leaders from industries, big and small about not just cova nineteenth impact, but also where the world of business heads from here today we speak with the editor of the Sunday Times Emma Tucker from her south London home. Tucker joined the Sunday Times in January this year. Year just cove. Nineteen was creeping towards Europe, and just in time to chronicle the case Patchy response, the newspapers explosive investigation into the government's poor management, made for an impactful start for the new editor in chief, but with Prince Future uncertain at best how Tucker aimed pushing the legacy title forward plus why? Sunday journalism still so important and why Horace digital media to enhance, not replace print is key to keeping things alive. I'm and I'm delighted to welcome Emma Tucker to the chiefs. Of. The begin view, and before we start, I should disclose as well Amer. Tucker also used to be my former editor at the financial. Times m very good to talk to you. Of course who've been chatting back and forth over the past few weeks, but great to have you on the line. I just wanted to start by getting into and and really giving us a feeling for what you inherited course you are. You're at the Times before, but then you walked into this newsroom at such an extraordinary moment, so I took I. Have The Sunday Times the end of January by February. The papers started to be dominated by this thing that was coming at us from China this pandemic. And Grudge! If you look at the papers, they were more dominated by the story, but my big recollection from back then was the almost complete absence of the prime minister halfway through March. I was talking to the head of news and one of us, said the other ones said you what the hell was going on. What was really going on in for was the prime minister. What decisions are being taken? It just struck me that you know this would make a really good read. Barnaby particularly revelatory, but it was just one of those good bits of. What we call a tech talk of what happened and who is doing what win. We're lucky..

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