College Athletes Forced To Sign Coronavirus Waivers To Return To Campus


The last couple of days you certainly seen stories circulating the various schools are requiring players for voluntary workouts to sign waivers. We had Alan Green on earlier from Albany. said they talked about it. They decided not to. So. What does it really mean I? Know what it sounds like. It sounds really bad does heather has done some reporting on that and so much else, and she joins us from ESPN. Heather, great W on. It's always a pleasure. I know you know what it means, but I'll let you take the audience through the process. We said hello to you. Hey Paul. Thanks for having me on I. I think the best way to describe. It is through reporting, which is what Ohio state athletic. Director Gene Smith told me when I spoke to him last night and I asked him. Is this a way to protect yourself? Is it a liability issue? and His answer was no. This is not a legal document. That's why we're calling pledge, and that's because athletic directors throughout the country are concerned about what happens when these college kids leave the confines of Control of athletic facilities. And you know this is, this is the concern as departments are bending. Bending over backwards Paul to not only meet CDC guidelines, but to exceed them to protect these student athletes, but as soon as these players Wanna go to their favorite Taco bar to their girlfriend's house or the other bar whatever it might be all bets are off, so gene Smith is saying is we put this plan in place to try to get them to promise to us that? When they leave the athletic facilities, they will wear a mask. They will social distance. They will be responsible and do what they can to protect themselves the team and stop the spread of the corona virus. I'm glad you explained that. Because we've all been reacting with our is Eyebrows raised heather beyond that. You can't just look at your television and get a snapshot that the numbers are going up because we're. We're in a different spot here. Fourteen weeks in. We were weak, one two or three, but. Some of this negativity comes at really inopportune time as college football moves, everything else moves toward an opening what? What is your reporting? Tell you about where we are well. I've been on the phone all day. Actually trying to answer that question because things are changing and I spoke to Florida. Athletic Director Scott Stricklin today, because he's in Florida where cases arising, and he's still very optimistic. That college football is going to start on time and we're. They are located. I don't WanNa. Use the word safe, but they don't have a lot of cases within their outlet department right now in the community that they're in and you know I was on there. Zoom call last week with. With her doctors and they did a fantastic job again putting things in place to protect student athletes. Now you go to Houston where they had to shut down everything because there were not only six positive cases, but the keeping they were symptomatic. I don't know what to what degree, but that's important because it reminds everyone that they are student athletes. Yes, they are not invincible. Nobody knows exactly how this is going to impact the person that actually gets infected by so I think that's important to remember and I also talked to big twelve. Commissioner Bulls beat today. Yes I'm still very confident that we're going to have a college football season. You're going to see college football games, but it's going to be interrupted. It might be at levels at different places based on the resources that they have going to have outbreaks. Some schools will be able to handle them. Some schools will not and then finally I just hung up with Shane Lyons. Who is the chair of the Football Oversight Committee and he had a great quote, he said the coronavirus is controlling us. We are not controlling it. So as he said as I, sit here today I. Think we're going to have a college football season, but anybody who tells you that they actually know is lying.

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