What does the future of the U.S.-Canada border look like?

The Big Story


I want to turn. Our attention says that the border where the number of covert cases now tops two million. That's more than double the cases in any other to the latest ANA corona virus, emergency Arizona and Texas setting new records while over the weekend Florida reported is biggest one day increase in cases pandemic started. or That? Why is that? What we have very strong to on the southern border as you know with Mexico and we had some troops in Canada, but I'll find out about that. I guess it's equal justice to a certain extent. To how do you feel? About opening up the US Canada, border right now. I, guess would be not crate. That would put you squarely with a majority of Canadians who tell pollsters their extremely nervous as they watch our friends and neighbors to the south handling this pandemic. But while the corona virus has made the difference between our two countries obvious. Truth is that we've been drifting apart for a while now. And there's no better place to see that then at the border. And in the public sentiment for keeping shot. But what does that mean? As the week, stretch into months with crossings close to all the non essential traffic. For the communities who exist right next to one another, but on opposite sides of a line they used to cross every day barely thinking twice. How has the enforcement of the US Canada border changed over the last two hundred, years. And, what will it look like the future? Because if there's one thing, the history of this border has shown us. That when things changed, they never really go back to normal. They evolve. Just like the Kennedy US relationship, the porter is always changing. Pandemic might spark the most dramatic shift get. Jordan Heath Rawlings. This is the big story. Alex, Bittermann, a professor at the Alfred State College of Technology at the State University of New York, is also the CO author of a piece in the conversation on the past present and future of the US Canada

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