LOST: Down the Hatch | Season 2, Episode 20: Two for the Road


Is over, but we have to go back down the hatches. The LAS REWATCH podcast you're on post. Show recaps talk and season two episode twenty two for the road iconic ending May as well start with the ending I'm Josh regular I'm joined here by Michael how. Not to be confused with that other Beykal I understand judge, but why we have to start with that. My. Heart Much like is. Leading out it's pooling and might says right now as I recline and a chair similarly as she doesn't that poor hatch couch, which probably just seen so money bodily fluids. Cleaning cheese. Paid to. Think about like what happened to resume you like? There's just been so much. Blood has been shed in this poor hatch that you know what the deep cleaned that it needs is a full crumpling. That's going to happen if you episodes yeah, so I think that that's probably right. Just start from scratch. Wipe the whole thing. Take down to scraps. No I think you're. We often start these podcasts with a little bit of a teaser and audio teaser of what's coming in the episode for this one I figure what the hell. This is due for the wrote this is. This is the episode where if you remember two for the road? You obviously remember to for the road. If you're lost van and the reason you remember, it is because of the ending. Why not just start there? This is we're going to do this the normal way we're gonNA talk through the entire episode. We're going to go through. The Synopsis We're GonNa. WE'RE GONNA pick it apart piece by piece, but let's just start at the end because that's what everyone wants to talk about. This is the one where Michael Kills. Analysts shoots Libyan then shoots himself. It's crazy and I. don't I don't know how many times I have seen this episode, Mike a lot I've seen it a lot. I watched it very recently for an appearance. They did on on the storm. Say I. Hope You will last year recently, considering we're talking about it I watched it a few weeks ago for the storm podcast when I appeared on that watched it again today in anticipation recording this podcast and every single time without fail that final scene is just out of this world and it. It rightly gets all the credit. For being such a powerful ending. But, even beyond that the scope of this episode is just absolutely tremendous, Mike. Yes, so that's the thing is that was going to this episode I? Think the question that I had my brain was I loved this episode. This has always been one of my favorite. All time lost episodes, but the question is. Was this going to be another the whole truth right? Is this going to be an episode? where the finale is an absolute home run, but everything around it is single double. Maybe a shot you know with the shortstop Mrs and you're able to round the bases slightly. I as you can tell I, do not know baseball that well. I think as we're GONNA get into. This I really think that this is the case where it is an excellent episode of loss that just has one of the best endings. The series has ever seen as a nice little finisher as well so it's not like. This is an episode that's built entirely on the back of an ending like the aforementioned the whole truth this. This is something where the whole truth of it is. It's a very strong episode all the way around especially if you look at it specifically through the Lens as Ana, Lucia's farewell, this really lives quite literally dies and the character of analysts Cortez. Josh Yeah for sure Mike. You remember your experience watching this the first time Oh. Yeah, this was one of those endings that. Shocked me to my core because I remember at that point you know with loss meet experienced. Some big cliffhangers between walked about you could talk about you know the even the opening of season two. We could talk about even the end of lockdown. I spoke about another great ending, but I think at this point. The loss audience into done a bit complacent as to like what loss could do, I think the new shininess of loss on the general, TV, watching populace had been a bit lost for a better term to the point where you know lost wins the in its first season. It doesn't even get nominated for the Emmy for best drama series, second season and Hurley is going to make reference to that. When Colonel Brand visits during one of the Emmy Pre. Pre tapes that he does. But I think that this is one of those moments that really shocks you back into place and reminds you just how groundbreaking and Michaud loss could be and I think from Genre Perspective and ensemble building perspective. We have talked about that, but up to this point. You know we had boone I. We had Shannon Die, but I think that they did not die in such a way that was as visceral and so purposeful. Speaking Boone fill out of the plane and then died. Shannon accidentally got shot by analysts SIA. This was something that Michael has a character that we have gotten to know for. You know almost forty five fifty episodes at this point. Did something purposeful murder murdered them? He murdered them and that was just such a foundational reality. Shaking moment I remember one of the things it was ending that I watched over and over, and over again I became obsessed with the episode in general between everything, analysts see and Sawyer everything with analysts and Christian like. Like. Even on top of the character stuff, Josh are still important mythos based stuff here. We get like the first possible glimpse of Clare Jack Connection we find out a bit about the way. The others are presenting themselves and what Michael's going to go to. This is an extremely important episode, both to the series of loss and the mythos. It's been building out, and just in general like reminding the audience what the show is capable of so I remember to the point of myself, watching the dear sister parody of this wear imaging he. Plays The O. See every time Michael shoots. And then libby twice and then himself. It's kind of. It's kind of like in my mind's eye. Immediately visualize my college buddy, Pete, who has who has appeared on the lost lives podcast that we did once upon a time. Hopping off the couch, shooting up straight as an Arrow, and he's hands like. Fully like flattened hands, just both like the tips just arriving at his mouth in shock and awe in horror, as he just stood there frozen as Michael had done, he did Yeah, we were. We were blown away in our in our living room and we were watching this the first time. and. That that immediate impact does not always hit quite the same. That's a that's a I watch feeling that you get an, but you are kind of just like awestruck. Every time you encountered this episode, I think the ending really is masterful, but I think one of the things that we'll talk about as we go through. This is kind of like pushing the Jenga Tower that is an episode of lost. Are. They're loose pieces. Is there a safe thing to remove to make this a better episode, or is there something that you could save? We take away from this and

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