“We Want to Live” rally draws thousands in support of black youth in south Seattle


Thousands marched in the Rainier valley yesterday afternoon afternoon what what was was called called a a we we wants wants to to live live March March comes comes call call Miller Miller reports reports a a lot lot of of elected elected leaders leaders took took part part to to resemble resemble skate skate up up tweeting tweeting from from the the gathering gathering calling calling on on chief chief Carmen Carmen best best and and mayor mayor Jenny Jenny Durkan to stop with that pepper spray and those blast balls from the county council member Gervaise on a live concert these are over there and military is asking for demilitarization redirecting police department funding for community based alternatives were asking to severely restrict the use of force policies and with that crowd it appears the momentum will continue many vowing to be there every day I have a nine month old baby and I do not want him in twenty years to be standing on the front line all of us together the people have to make sure we make a change this is our only chance right now that we have to make a change Cole Miller komo news

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