No foul play found after NYPD cops get sick from Shake Shack shake


Works more police officers hospitalized last night across the country in attacks rocks bricks that kind of stuff and in New York City it they got got creative there and this is kind of remarkable one three police officers who were on you know riot patrol where they decided to go get some lunch at the shake shack I you know generally I like they should show they have chocolate shakes are like shades and a good burgers and stuff however you know could be a problem if this were a lefty think there'd be a nationwide boycott of shake shack starting today but it's not a lucky thing because they they you know they're anti police the Democrat party Joe Biden all of them from the top down anti police anti law and order pro anarchy pro cast pro arson probe looting pro attacking the police that's the that's who they are but three NYPD officers went to the shake shack and they got some food a lunch break and apparently the got milk shakes because it's called the check check and out before you know it all three of her in the hospital and it looks like there was bleach or some other kind of toxic chemicals in their but it looks like they're shakes and that's either in the hospital that's called poisoning they've been poisoned and the R. and now the police say that they have launched a thorough investigation and that they've determined that there was no foul play of any kind that's what I said they said after a thorough investigation it's the lickety split throw investigation didn't take very long by the NYPD's Manhattan south division you always hear about that on TV shows about cops Manhattan south it has been determined that there was no criminality by shake shack's employees because it's not illegal to pour bleach in the the end of the milk jugs of police officers I guess that's it the NYPD again I I just I if you're NYPD now did anybody else at the check check fall ill apparently not just these three police officers they were hospitalized and it looks like bleach or some other kind of toxic chemicals and the police they all did a lickety split investigation there are not exactly that that the Warren Commission and day I came back and said oh no no criminality is that mean no foul play no criminality that's the that's what they said the police benevolent association disagrees they're taking issue with the with the conclusions of the up but that's the kind of an amazing start that and here's that seat I don't know if they know how to do police work in New York anymore but if these are the only three people at that shake shack that got sick and had to be hospitalized yes the that is a data points that might be of interest to investigators how do want to tell me how to do their job rather but if those are the only three people that were poisoned with a toxin when they went to this particular shake shack that would be that would be I I how would I say a

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