Washington, DC - Virginia becomes first state to enact workplace coronavirus safety rules


It's inevitable that some states that are doing relatively ok are going to band together to try to make policy together. If the federal government is just not going to work on this thing like were the United States for a reason, we thought that banding together as fifty states and doing stuff as a country would be a good idea for us, not only in the world, but for us in our individual states, if the federal government is not going to work on this thing that has killed one hundred twenty one thousand Americans in sixteen weeks with no signs of stopping while we are breaking new records all over the country including nationwide right now, if the federal government is just not going to work on it, then we'll four new smaller subgroups of United States. To try to work on it together. Since the federal government is just abandoning ship. So you've got the Tristate area that went through hell and high water, and is coming out of it, and has been there curve all the way down. You see those states now banding together and saying well. We're going to try to protect ourselves from states where this thing is out of control. Today, in Virginia, for example, it looks like that's going to be the first state in the country to issue their own statewide binding workplace safety rules for for what companies have to do to keep workers safe come from coronavirus in the workplace.

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