Russia stages grand WWII parade ahead of vote on Putin Reforms


Russia stages a grand World War two parade and it comes ahead of a vote on a Vladimir Putin that could extend his rule for quite a long time and joining us now with details to some unknown fox news morning salmon morning run yes a baby a few days for about a minute to ten at the moment these are two really big events in the Russian calendar that would pose a spoon from as early as this year because of the corona virus outbreak first that parade yesterday which took place on the same day Russia's coronavirus case numbers past the six hundred thousand mark that imitated insisted that it was still the right time to host this parade there's barely a facemask insight is fourteen thousand soldiers troops across at red square in Moscow a spectacular at parade but striking for seemingly a lack of social distancing and coronavirus proportions taking place at this parade he didn't hailed the state union victory over the **** in nineteen forty five this is something that is celebrated every year in Russia the huge national holiday and this is the seventy fifth anniversary date a big round number the market and Putin told about how the Red Army stepped up and came to the world's defense in World War two he said it's impossible to imagine what would happen to the world if the Soviet Union hadn't been back to defend it that is something essential at the pigeon has tried to restate hi many game during his time in office yesterday said we must pass this on to our children grandchildren and great grandchildren so I shot of national pride one day before voting began this morning in the national referendum on reforming the constitution that the package of measures that Russians are being asked to vote on that taking the mole in one on one of these measures is to reset the clock on president Putin's time in office he's currently required to step down in twenty twenty four well this would mean if this passes in the next week or so he'll be allowed to stand and run for the two tabs and if he wins and didn't think anyone would will ask he would have ruled Russia thirty six years the time twenty thirty six comes and then the next step is to ten X. by the voting starts today spread over seven days to try and avoid crowds at the polling center the game because of the pandemic the main banking days next says that and can expect results shortly after that

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