Talking it Out: Ep. 232



Your host mark. Oppenheimer as ever by CO hosts, one Liebowitz, one, and only one thing like odd for that. Imagine to where would you put us? You are the only Liebowitz in the world, right? We've established that Google established. Not Right. There's a lot of me, but only was only one and my other co host Stephanie Budnick. How are You Stephanie? I'm the only one in me baby. That's funny. by the way the other Mark Oppenheimer that several, but the one. My Taylor swift preference go unnoticed unmarked. I chuckled I didn't know, but I do want to say that. The the Mark Amer is a an advocate a lawyer in South Africa. He got the YouTube. He got like Youtube. Slash Mark Oppenheimer. I'm sure he's mad. I'm mark up and our DOT COM like. We're any getting pretty famous and were definitely bumping up against each other as like. Low level celebrities in small worlds, so if you're out there that. I see I have my eyes. Become. This week. Three of US reflect on the murder of George Floyd and others and subsequent protests that have swelled for Minneapolis to Madrid hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets to decry racism and police, violence and injustice. I have a lot to say about this. As I'm sure that my co hosts do as well the first thing that I want to say is that I'm really excited for people to hear a couple of interviews that I did I basically commandeered the podcast from my co host, and my producers and I said. There are three people I want to talk to. And I'm going to talk to them and I'm going to record them and I think they're going to be really excited to talk and to share. And indeed, when I reached out to them, all three of them were excited to do this and get to those interviews on today, and then one in a subsequent week. At some point, one of them is with my first cousin Jason, Kirschner whose upbringing was a lot like mine. A couple hundred miles to the south in Philadelphia, but both of us were like middle. Class Jewish kids fund mischief. He was several years older with the difference, which was that he was black, he was. Was Racial, so he had that one big difference with all that it entailed, and we had never talked about race before this episode so I. Hope You'll, you'll stick around and listen to that. The other conversation that we're going to hear this week is without Alto, czar, who is the Ou jail? I see Orthodox rabbi at this slipped a center at Yale. That's a long way of saying. He's the Orthodox rabbi for galleys. But what's really interesting is that rabbi are is writing his PhD on people's responsibility to tackle social injustice as seen through the Lens of Jewish ethics particularly Abraham, Joshua Hessel Hana aren't and Rabbi Joseph Sullivan. And can honestly say that nobody I've talked with has ever spoken more clearly to me about how to balance multiple commitments and multiple responsibilities. From a Jewish perspective than Rabbi Ozar. I hope you'll find that interview as An interesting idea, he's also portrayed by Jason Bateman a in the hit. Television show does are. So we will get to. To Rabbi at. And cousin Jason after we check in with each other and I'll check in with myself I. WanNa hear from Stephanie Leo

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