'Elder Scrolls 6' Details Still 'Years' Away, Says Bethesda VP Pete Hines


The elder scrolls six next news will likely be years from now This is from Joe. Scowls at Aegean who writes? Don't expect details on the eligible six until years from now according to Bethesda senior vice president. Pete hines responding to a tweet asking for information about the next Gen. Game Hines was making clear. That news on the on the still fairly unknown star field is coming. Well before anything on elder scrolls have the tweet here right. Quitting Myers on at Kilowatt Q. Tweets at behind says all right check it out at which is behind his twitter. Let's cut the shit. When can we expect some info on Hashtag the girls six? We need this. Hashtag with the Hashtag elder schools. Hashtag behind responded to that saying it's after star. Fueled which you pretty much about. So we're coming to me coming at me for details now and not years from now. I'm failing to properly manage your expectations. We are in the article continues. We already know we already knew. Not to expect star field or eligible six news this year. So it'll likely be some time before we hear anything about either game but that's the won't be holding a digital replacement forty-three this year but it does plan to deliver news on death loop and go soir. Tokyo in some form. Tim Does this surprise you. it does not surprise me my favorite thing about it though is quitting. Myers the First Guy. The tweeted just straight up. Sam Cut this shit expects of Info. I love the brazing this of it. All but also hines our boy being transparent trying to come through and so the expectations right which. I think is a key element of the games industry over the last couple of years. I think has been this idea of. Hey they're people too and US people want to get to know those people and we want there to be a type of dialogue back and forth with what social media allows conversations. Like this to happen. I feel like there's no excuses to not transparent about this type of thing right when Especially when it comes to expectations and especially in a world that no longer has three and a lot. More questions are up in the air. Where every year would be like this week. What's everyone announcing? What's but they're going to do. But does this press conference because we know. But that's going to do a press conference now. We know they're not doing one. We don't know we know they're going to be parts of some of the various game festivals going on this summer. Where are they going to be? To what extent is that going to be focusing on games already know about New Games one game? It's definitely not going to be what we traditionally see from. Thanks to kind of like rolling out there. Update their entire catalog right. But I do think that this is a learning curve that everyone's going through and as we saw last week with xbox staying the I don't think anyone's ever going to nail it because people are always going to have their own expectations going into these different events. But I do think that the more you can get ahead with it. With facts of star field is next. Agusan important thing no girls six years away. That's an important thing to to get ahead of right. So people aren't even speculating. Yeah like especially for schools which is a title that you showed off or not showed up but you you literally showed off the title. I believe either last year the year before that I can remember times a flat circle at this point but you gave us the title. Our school six. I feel like I feel that might have been a mistake. I think that might have been too early. Understand why they did. It did it. Because announcing star fuel start you worried about what's happening with schools? We are very much looking forward to the next elder scrolls right because Room was. This was a breakout success. Like of course like people already knew. But that's the studios specifically from fob three and oblivion the previous elder scrolls games but sky room was a success on another level and with that being the case right like people are very much looking. Forward to elder scrolls six but when star field is your next project. And you're you're announcing that right. You WanNa you kind of. WanNa you WanNa let that happen with the lease like hate skepticism as possible. And the way you do that is by also confirming to people at yes. Oh Scroll six is still coming in the future what that what that does though is this right. It has people tweeting at behind being like. Yo like so When can we expect this knowing Dan? Wells not going to be like it's not imminent by any means old. School six is years and years and years away at this something that I've been talking about a lot with with you. Greg over the last couple months is. I like the idea of different games having different types of schedules. When it comes to to hype marketing I feel like the majority of games would benefit from the fallout four rollout plan which is kind of like announcement press tour and release within right. Yeah like that's great. That's fantastic but I do think that there's something special about games. That are kind of like the more Unicorn death stranding types. Where here's this game that's announced and we know it's coming we know it's going to be a huge game but it's GONNA be years down the line? I think that elder scrolls is that type of game where we know. There's going to be an oldest sex. Guess what there's going to be. An elder scrolls sadden like. That's how this works right. So I just announcing it and confirming that it's happening is to me kind of like a metric prime four situation where. I welcome it like to me. Knowing that a metric prime is coming is valuable information granted. That's a perfect example of how this can go wrong where it wasn't going well they had to restart. It's going to be even later than even plant but as a Nintendo Fan. I know a metro is coming before that it would have just been speculation of. Is it ever come back? What's going on now? It's like okay. At least it's happening and I really would elder scrolls. We know it's happening so it's like yes. People are going to be asking questions. But then I feel like now pecan actually give answers whereas before with this question he would necessarily be able to say After star field. Because it's not officially announced even though

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