45 states are lifting restrictions


Five states are taking steps to lift restrictions that were put in place because of code nineteen but it isn't fast enough for some people the owners of the C. and C. coffee and kitchen in Colorado opened their dining room for mother's day even though restaurants in that state are still limited to take out and delivery numbers will return in mass when they feel safe we'll see videos of people packed into a restaurant with no social distancing and no mass people feel less safe and the widespread economic pain will only be prolonged to governor Jerry policies Spender the restaurant's license indefinitely Pennsylvania governor Tom wolf with a message to local officials who planned to defy shut down order to agents who are encouraging the people they were elected to lead to quit the fight are acting in a most cowardly way this is not the time to give up this is not the time to surrender in Tesla CEO Elon musk restarting is California factory despite local orders president trump talking up he was testing for covert nineteen resident trump says the United States has met the moment and prevailed on testing for the corona virus in the span of just a few short months we've developed a testing capacity unmatched and unrivalled anywhere in the world claiming that everyone who wants to get a test before returning to work will very soon be able to get one but the reality is that most Americans being asked to return to work won't have quick access to testing and public health experts have warned that the US continues to lack the widespread testing necessary to properly track the virus Jordan Phelps ABC news the White House senior administration official telling ABC news that president trump and vice president pence will maintain distance from each other for the immediate future after two aids tested positive there were special elections tomorrow in Wisconsin in California there's a presidential primary in Nebraska in all three states they are encouraging mail in voting but allowing some in person voting you're listening to ABC news radio eight forty WHAS your news now a ten year old boy in Kentucky that has contracted the corona viruses known a better later fighting for his life governor Andy Beshear announced the case during his Monday news briefing while covert nineteen hasn't been as hard on children Dr Stephen stack said there are a small number of children who can get a syndrome where their immune system becomes hyperactive and they have an extreme inflammatory response in their body for kids who get this syndrome it's serious the the young a patient that we have in Kentucky is critically ill at this time and for those who get this it's serious right now it appears this child is the only one in Kentucky with the syndrome I'm Suzanne Duval the governor announced one hundred five new coronavirus cases today along with four new destined at in Sunday's new cases and deaths along with them total cases now sit at six thousand six hundred seventy seven and three hundred eleven in Kentucky have died I'm

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