Come back to daily bread. Deepak Chopra these weeks. We have been uncovering hidden dimensions of life. I just wanted to remind you that. This whole daily bad series on secrets is actually drawn from my book. The book of Secret. So if you feel inclined you might want to get the book as well to reinforce your in descending this week we reach the core of our exploration this is that everything is pure essence so pure awareness pure consciousness. Essence is the ultimate mystery because it manages to do three things all at once. It conceives everything in existence. Imagine anything in existence I imagine a rainbow imagine sunset. Imagine the face of your mother or the sound of voice. Imagine listening to John Lennon. Imagine the song itself. How does it start you start? With the conception and intention an conception awareness modifies itself is the concept it turns wattage has imagined into reality. So you imagine creating a great Sculpture What Did he looks at the stone piece of rock a marble piece of marble and imagines David and that's how he starts. What is imagination is turned into reality? Any great piece of art starts like that. The Mona Lisa Michelangelo's Beautiful Sculpture Does but even scientific discoveries Einstein imagined that he was writing on the beam of light from there can the Tiriac relatively so imagination is stunned into reality and then it enters that reality and keeps it alive so essence our consciousness or awareness has conceived constructed imagined governed and then it becomes what we call reality because awareness is embedded in what it has imagined saved simply put I exist. I am an I create I exist. I am aware 'cause I am is the beginning of awareness and then from there on I conceive construct imagine govern and create these The three qualities I exist. I'm aware I create frequently referred to in Sanskrit Nanda South is truth of existence. This awareness on under the joy that comes from unlimited creativity

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