Venezuela's Ongoing Political Saga


Venezuela is in the news again. There's a failed raid. Actually two of the advisors of one guy lull have resigned. They resigned Monday so I wanted to talk about Venezuela a little bit third rail topic of Latin America so over the weekend. I had the opportunity to connect with Gabriel Hetland Assistant Professor of Latin American Caribbean and US. Latino studies at the University of Albany and here is the conversation. Hey Gabriel thank you so much for being on Latino rebels radio great to be here. Venezuela seems to be doesn't seem to go away before we get into the deeper issues regarding Venezuela. I would love to get your reaction about what has happened over the last Last week in continuing this whole notion of this ex green beret with a raid. That was going to go after. Nicholas model can you begin to breakdown your reaction or or give your take on all this. I'll do my best. I'm shaking my head as you say. This almost makes me chuckle. And I've heard so many accurate ways to describe it tragedy meets farce handler with Alaska historian at nyu said someone else. From the Obama X. Obama said described it as keystone cops meets failed Bay of Pigs invasion someone else a bad rambo movie. I mean it's almost absurd if it weren't tragic at the same time so you know the sort of short story is that there's a a ex green beret Jordan gaudreau based in Florida. He's apparently guarded trump at a rally at some point in the last couple of years He seems to be described as totally out of touch with reality by everyone. Who's met him over the last several years he got involved into that. Anna's Waylon really randomly was last February at this concert. That March I guess when Richard Branson people was having a concert in Kuku Columbia on the border blah to raise for humanitarian aid and basically for an armed invasion of Venezuela by the opposition at failed utterly but from that point on Goo throw with his Sort OF SECURITY OPS Company in Florida Silver Corp got interested in Venezuela and the money that might be involved with toppling meadow and it as more and more of the details. Come out it's truly scandalous and Lurid and it's GonNa Impact Venezuela for a long time to come but There was a armed invasion. Which happened just over week ago on Sunday. and You know about little less than two dozen Folks got got off a boat An eight of them were killed and another fifteen or so were captured by the Venezuelan army. Apparently fisherman actually are the ones who initially captured them and their plan was to sort of invade Venezuela's through the ocean. You Know Landa boat make their way to cut off us. Topple them Dodo administration free Venezuela goto warehouses filled with cash. Us dollars take the cash leave and be treated as heroes Total absurd but what really makes it know scandalous as the main opposition leader. One Guy Dough is involved in this And there's more and more evidence coming out that he knew something about what was going to happen. It's not entirely clear how much he now and how much he knew and it appears that he didn't know a whole lot but in over last year he had a series of meetings. I think by phone basically with Guerrero and there's recordings with his voice and he's been invited to save. These are not true and he hasn't done so to my knowledge so far where he you know says it will support the agreement and one of his deputies apparently gave fifty thousand dollars as an initial payment which was supposed to go up to two hundred some million dollars And other Guido officials apparently had some level of knowledge the trump administration has denied it but in very interesting terms where Secretary Pompeo has said the US was not directly involved and so his use of the word directly suggests that they were somehow involved. That's what I mean exactly. And here's the thing that I would say about all this. Given how third rail of an issue Venezuela is there because it's so damn partisan this topic you could literally make a case that each party involved could have been involved. You know what I'm saying. I'm not trying to be like that's how messed up. Venezuela's right now in terms of the understanding because I'm sure that there are people who are saying well. This is his mother will conspiracy. You know he just created all this because you know the opposition and goes like I don't know anything about it the US. I feel like it was being taken from like amateur hour so it Kinda to me speaks to how Venezuela is often misunderstood misrepresented because it is being seen through a very hyper partisan lens that is so complex that I don't think it's reality right now in this is sort of an example of this absurd story that this sort of like bad. Hollywood

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