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It second so we do care. Cut It obviously and then we do dental bank. Which isn't a it's not like. We are processing payments is the third party payment processors. We set up your account Dental Bank Ortho Bank. They're also called day deduct the payment and then they just send it to us once we set up their account. I'm not running charges through you know every month at our terminal. I'm not having to keep track of that in that way on but what I think the bigger thing is going to be in. We're already ten years established with with the quality dental plan with offering that as as a in house dental plan. That was huge for us after the economy tanks eleven years ago or so that would vital to our survival back then and I think the same thing's going to happen now I think a lot of people have lost their jobs and benefits and we are working really hard the last couple of days to verify benefits for people but I even. I know that even with us doing that. There's going to be a bunch of people who were going to find out that they really didn't have benefits or whatever the case is offering in house plan is like if you if people don't do it like they need to do it like yesterday because that for us especially when the recession happened that became like almost a like an additional service that we offer our patients like we became known as the office offered this. Donald Plan like and so people would literally like walk in off the streets and be like. Hey My friend told me guys offer plan. I don't have insurance so anyway that I think that's going to be an issue for people who don't offer those plans. I think they need to look into something. So I mean Missy one of the things you're kind of known for is Team Integration and getting your employees to do more than you know sucks spit and do clinical stuff. What are some of the new roles for some of your assistance hygienist front desk going to be in this kind of new normal that we're going to have for a little while so this is This is some of the things that I need to talk with him about tomorrow. We're definitely going to have to have someone solely dedicated to getting people in the office and getting them seated and then Getting them checked out potentially avoiding the front office and night with a with a little bit less volume. I think I can spare someone to really be like the monitor of the you know. The patient arrives and we get a text message. They can be the door so. I think that's GonNa that's GonNa change a little bit. We have a really great team as far as helping each other like turnover rooms and bring people back and kind of get started for people but I think part of that's going to have to change in part of it will stay the same so like I want to keep nations with the clinician As much as possible like I don't want someone to and maybe this is just me over thinking it but I don't necessarily want one person to bring them back one person to do medical history one person to take x rays one person to actually do the profile appointment. I want to try to limit that you know those Interactions as much as possible. That's going to require some rethinking because that's not how are you doing it So I think that will change a little bit and You know I think I think some of this network. That's going to kind of figure out as we things happen. I know for Meryl's GonNa Kinda Stuck in the office for for a big chunk of the morning at least and I'm doing paperwork and business staff and I think I'm Gonna I mean I'm chuckling. I'm on the floor a lot seeing helping with patients running back and forth but I think my plan right off the bat is I'm not even GonNa stop in my office. I just want to be there to help direct trafficking and key people. I think we're going to have to be more aware of getting patients in and out quicker. You know sure. Yeah that goes well. Let's let's shift Gears Mack Jones. I mean you look like you're chomping at the bit talk about Your Game Plan Mac is there. Is there anything concrete over Mack Jones? Dds Yet or is it everything still in process. Or basically you're going. GonNa do just this up planner my lack there. Your things are still kind of up in the air We had some directors come from the state or today which are very vague. One of the things mentioned was emerging. How many patients are in the author? Tom Which Missy Kinda all which. Connolly's up in the air whether we're going to start running hygiene I get back because then if we're doing to hygiene car going to Doctor Column. That's three potential patients in there at the same time. So it's a lot up in the air and we're kind of waiting to get some news Hopefully a little bit of an update next week from our governor to count a new maybe a date we can look at reopening at least full speed so but I'm just ready to go back and I'm kind of debate in a couple of weeks going back and just of being there kind of how we started in there to Kinda cleanups emergencies kill it so so I'm GonNa ask the prognosticate a bit. You know a will hold you to none of these prognostications but how long do you think we're going to be doing this stuff before were Kinda back to? I'M NOT GONNA say businesses usual but like to where if you looked at a standard day be like I. I can't tell the difference between this day and a day from February I. How how long do you see this going for? What do you think Kevin what he got? So I do think it'll be a few months before that happens Maybe that's optimistic. But I think that all this time that we've had six weeks all the negative. Nellie as and all the people saying you know just trying to forecast the future of our profession that it's GonNa go down the tubes and just a lot of negativity. I don't see that that's a reality at all. And it's not what I'm seeing from our patients this day in particular as missy alluded to the emails that we got back were very Heart As far as moving into the future I think people WANNA get out of their house to do something and so at least initially. We're going to be a beneficiary of that but I do think after a couple of months will be business as usual. The thing that I think will really tip things in our favor is if so right now. Restaurants aren't open in Ohio. Once that starts to happen and then I did right before we went on. I was reading about the major league baseball in their their plans. And I've said this to a couple of patients you know that we saw as emergencies. You feel safer here are would you feel about going to Indonesia? Need Indians game right now. Yeah and when you think of all the people there in all surfaces you touch and that seems like a you know a viral nightmare but if we can if we can manage that as a country go to a baseball game than I think. We're we're business as usual and I did see that a major league baseball was forecasting for like fourth of July. Or something like that opening up and I know they have a bunch of different plans and I was really just skimming things but I think that those sorts of things where we're gathering is a big groups will will change the game for all of us point. Bribes are jumped on tonight. I saw an update from a friend or facebook Who coincidentally her brother's a dentist. What about the concept of Haddan ick adaptation and she'd find that as the tendency of MR quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness despite major recent positive or negative events. Why And I think Kevin hit like once we start getting that little taste of normal life again so we all want that so bad. It's GonNa start happening really quickly. I like we've made jokes like we had another dentist reach out to us That was referred to us by Aaron. Elliott she was interested interested into some sleep stops and she she said well you know maybe we can grab some coffee. Oh we can't do that. You know just like normal things. Like Hey. Let's go get lunch. You can't do that so once. We start being able to do those sorts of things. I think we'll feel a lot more relaxed about things about you missy. What what's your prognostication. What do you how long how long it before? You're waiting. Rooms full as opposed to people texting in their here. Well you know with the way people have been responding on the phone when all of this first happened. We were rescheduling patients. One Week at a time just shows there's a lot of people and kind of just trying to keep our control and all those washes out nearly all of those people. A huge percentage of them wanted to reschedule. They wanted to wanted to come back. They saw. Even they're cleaning as an essential service. Even though you know we had to tell him that we had to reschedule it. I think people while not everyone but I think that a lot of people realize that health care in particular had to I make sense right. I think I mean no offence to anyone but I think we should open before a bowling alley or something right. I mean people need to get their health care they have to be. I was actually just got an email about before. We'll right before we went on for my doctor appointment on. May sixth than I was freaking out. I've been trying to get in there for a year that it was going to be cancelled. And it's it's actually you know on. Now thank God because of the governor's words but so I'm happy that healthcare things have open a night from my experience. People really do want it. I think that I kind of agree with Kevin. I think just a couple of months especially when we get in Cleveland when we get a little bit more son around here and people start to feel a little bit better just because you can go out and you can feel the on your shoulders a little bit. I think I think around here. You know probably I would have to agree probably around July or so. Maybe even a little bit sooner where people will once and also. I think that once they do open the restaurants and the hair salons and look by the way but once you open those up I think people will feel better for sure. So hopefully that's with X. Couple I think See You mentioned baseball. I think that was it was pretty spot on. I feel like If people were willing to go to a baseball game but I trust me I would not want to be the MLB. Because I think they've got a tough sell absolutely you know for the foreseeable future But I feel like when football comes round if football's at attended thing and people go to those games. If they're willing to do that he no then then I don't think we have to you know. Have Six foot rules that our practice in that people text in from the car? I I think kind of like I think I heard saw some kind of a new sort of talking about quaranteed fatigue and how people were were sick of it. People will get sick of all these extra things. I think. Just one by one. Those some of those rules will will will fall away. Some things will maintain but I kinda think by late summer early fall you will be able to tell the difference between.

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