'The Last Dance:' Debate over Michael Jordan's trash talking on 1997-98 Chicago Bulls


More discussion this morning. Of course about the last dance the legacy of Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls teams of the nineteen nineties and whether or not the way Jordan governed that group demanded of them held them accountable. Some might say bullied them was fair. Michael Wilbon who covered Jordan Bulls and knows Jordan about as well as anyone in the media. This side of a moderate shod. Join Max Steven A. And discussed the question was Michael Jordan. Too tough on his teammates. What were your thoughts when you heard. What Charles Barkley had to say about Michael Jordan In regards to his treatment of his teammates. Well look everybody's gotTa take on. Michael and how? Ruffy was teammates. Select Selective Prosecution. Was the words he used select. Prosecution said look everybody had a different leadership style. Reason part of the reason for this documentary reasoning exists is because Michael decided okay. I'm going to be able to sort of control the conversation in terms of why I did what I did and how I did it. I it comes out and says hey you know you've had this conversation with them. He wasn't trying to adopt anybody else's leadership style. He was going to do this his way. And when it worked then you had to. You heard him during. I thought the most effective part of the last dance department made me reach for a notebook and put my reporter hat back on his when Michael Said you know. Winning has a price. And if you don't want to buy into the mentality. I am using here. Get out it's GONNA be. It's GonNa be hell for you. I think was the phrase. And so you see all those teams that you see will produc- Winnington and those guys say at the time that we did it. Seem like he crossed the line. Yes as went on. Did we think he was a great teammate? Yes this is not look you can have whatever take you. WanNa have on it and I understand Charleston's take because it was different but nobody else in their time as much I mean magic and Kareem on the way in but it worked and so I even sit. There does interesting mom watching in real time I have not. I did not watch all the episodes of advanced like most people in our business. I wanted to watch in real time with my son. Who's a twelve year old basketball player and his eyes so big? When Michael says certain things to his teammates we are watching the unedited version The watch the PG rated version of the DEUCE and he's like. Wow Dad he has to do that with his teammates. And I'm like I don't know if he had to but it worked they won and that's the bottom line right. There is the quote that tells you at all they won in Jordan's way worked. Max made a great point during the you know there was no Celtics Lakers rivalry. There wasn't because Jordan he was Roy Jones. He was so good. There were no equals. No rivals

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