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Daddy okay. Hook the nineteen ninety-one cult favorite reimagining of a Peter. Pan Lor starring Robin Williams. And Don Bosco you are. I'm just GONNA cut right to an icon. Come on come on man and you have been ever since this this role Rubio and we have so many questions for you. But we're going to start is what has revealed meant to you over. The course of the time. I mean is changed over the years. I did Rouphael when I was fifteen. Start when I was ten before was an actor. I was I'm from me and my brothers from the bay area right. And we're all artists and actors and musicians and poets and we start as break group in the Bay. Area called Street freaks. We popular was in the bay area. Kid You know grew up going to forty niners games in Oakland as games and we ended up dancing for the forty niners and the Oakland A.'s. Halftime shows thirty. Four thousand six hundred that kind of stuff then. We got scholarships the Ballet Company ballet and so we start studying ballet and it was like a real billion Elliott thing kids from St that they picked up and start the world ours and so like being an actor. Artists has been in my family's story since my earliest memories of whatever we were doing you know and so by the time I was fifteen and did hook it was like I mean I was you know somewhat prepared for it because I was studying acting for so long and studying the greats and then I was very much whereas work with greats worked with Spielberg maybe at the height of his powers. Dustin Hoffman is. He's on the Mount Rushmore of the actors. That changed the face of acting the seventy S and whatnot. You Got Robin. Williams is the Godfather improv acting. In one of the great you know give me. The list goes on Maggie. Smith said Bob. Hoskins is like every day is like what's going on here and so I was really prepared to just really do a great job but that never prepares you for character lasting twenty five years later. It's like now I've been Rubio longer than I haven't been Rubio. You know so you know you walk around. And now it's like it means something different to a whole generation as people tattoos of your fifteen year old face on their body crazy. Which you've seen with your I've seen with my own eyes. I've signed people's bodies at kamikaze tattooed on you know. And they name their kids after Rubio and their dogs after Rubio and it means something to just the people at large as far as like this rebel spirit you know and then in mean something completely different to a whole generation of Asian Americans where I get a lot of like. You're the first cool Asian that I ever saw on television as exactly what I was about to say. It's you and I'm dismayed that you hear so often not here and again when you're young you don't really think about it when you big movie in your teenager like even though I was like a trained actor and a pretty solid artists at fifteen is like I just WanNa be cool like plea at the for. The love of God can come out on Friday in theaters and when I go to school on Monday. Ken like some people. Think I'm cool. Where are you going to school at that point in in southern California I was going to school in Southern California? I was in high school Limit town called paramount. And it's right. You know right next to Compton. The crazy thing was this is the nineties s in we got into some trouble me and my brothers in the middle of shooting Hook. We got caught shoplifting. At Serena's mall yes. I needed some isotoner gloves. We needed some isotoner. Glove would use gloves and southern California. I don't know Jerry Rice War on I duNno had some is anyway. We got caught. My parents got so and again when you grown up in the neighborhood and paramount which is like site content but it's more Mexican than black and it's you know gang violence in the nineties and we have friends run drugs. Everything's a lot going on in your young mind like shoplifting is nowhere near anything else going on a neighbor but we got popped. We got in trouble and I was actually in the middle of shooting. Hook which is super strange and the guy that Catis history does mall was like watching. Because he'd seen me in a movie called perfect weapon he's like that's that do from perfect weapon and then. Oh my God. He's they're stealing isotoner gloves So we ended up getting bused to Orange County and started and finished our school at Orange County. The and then I was there when the hook came out. So it's kind like I was a kid in school and the movie came out and I went from a school. I was like predominantly black and Latino to a school in Orange County. That was I think there was twelve black kids in school And like it was like predominantly white. We were like. What are we doing here so that was a school that was that you were in? Hook was coming. Yeah that was I was in when he came out and I was. They thought it was cool. I mean we were cool are here with me and my brother like three. Brown brothers walking around campus with high hair and Super Hip hop kids and then the big movie comes out. And you're like that kid from that movie. I kinda always wished I was in my old school when it came out. Because know you get the extra On the hometown new school. And it's all weird already now. Super

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