Body found at Lake Piru in California where actress Naya Rivera went missing

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More sad news. Today also marks seven years since Glee Star Cory Montas passed away. Corey was just thirty one years old when he died from an overdose in two thousand thirteen. I. I mean something to me. You mean something to me. Something ever would have happened to you and I didn't do everything that I could try and stop at never able to live with myself. Now if you remember, corey played Finn Hudson on Glee for five years and losing. Corey is just one of the many tragedies. The cast of Glee has faced over the years the most recent being the disappearance of Neier Rivera now. And and still today the search continues for Ni- at Lake. Pie Roo her family has also been at the to do whatever they can to help. Known Wednesday night went missing and presumed dead after her four year old son Josey was found alone in the boat she had rented. Authorities say there's no indication of foul play or that. This was a suicide. They believed it was just a tragic accident. They also tell news. Son was able to give them information that was very helpful to investigators and think we have a little bit of an update right now. Yes So the Ventura Sheriff their official twitter account just tweeted just moments ago. That a body has been found at Lake Peru this morning. The recovery is in progress. A news conference will take place at two PM at the lake. so a lot of people obviously believe that the body found is Ni-? Although that has not been confirmed jet by law enforcement officials.

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