It was a beautiful June morning in Southern <Speech_Female> California


And the S and P 500 gained 26. California Goodness matters Now more than ever, as we move through this unprecedented time, the California table grape farming community all those who've grown harvest every beautiful bunch needs your help. When shopping, please choose California grapes over import your support matters. News sponsored by Grapes from California, ABC. Local weather, Sunny and warm but lows dropping to the upper 50 slow sixties tonight, Clear skies for the most part, but the clouds roll back in. You can expect more sunny, warm temps tomorrow currently It's 79 degrees in Orange, 82 in Encino, and it's 71 degrees in El Segundo. The dialogue started here in the sixties, and the dialogue continues here now where Southern California comes to talk. 7 90 K ABC next traffic. Dana pulling to get it. Right. A seven K c. ABC. Dependable traffic Right now, we've got a crash on the right shoulder in Hollywood on the one A one South bound at Vermont Avenue that has you backed up the Hollywood Boulevard crashes on the left shoulder in a lesion park on the Winton north bound before the five South bound, stop and go. Traffic takes you back to the 10 They've cleared some debris from the right lane in Highland Park on the 1 10 south bound before Avenue 52 but expect some slowing stopping go conditions in Anaheim Hills on the 91 eastbound between Imperial Highway and Gypsum Canyon Road. Stopping go conditions on the 91 in Corona eastbound between Lincoln Avenue and McKinley Street. That's dependable traffic. I'm sharing Reardon am 7 90 K. ABC go home can help you stay up to date on the latest news. Don't believe us. Just say Hey, Google Blake, ABC. Sure Here's Escape on 7 19 It was a beautiful June morning in Southern

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