Tiger Woods is back on the PGA Tour at Memorial



Tiger Woods is making his return to the links for the For his first event since the PGA Tour's restart. Here's Fox's Matt Napolitano. Tiger Woods feels the PGA of America has proven themselves prepared amid this coven 19 pandemic, which led his decision to return today for the memorial, a tournament that he's won five times to see how the tours Play down how they started on DH. I feel that I come from a couple of enough to come back out here and play again, and I'm excited to do it. Tiger is going to be in good company for tee off this afternoon in Dublin, Ohio, Group with Rory McIlroy and Brooks kept one of this year's memorial will still get a celebratory handshake from the tournament's host, Jack Nicholas. But the golf legend admits he's open to an elbow bump manage Valenzano Fox

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