Following in Seattle's footsteps, Washington State plans to tax high salaries paid by big businesses


Passage of a new tax on large employers has caught the attention of state lawmakers come. Lt's Brian Calvert is here with their plans to take this statewide representatives Nicole Makri and Larry Spring or get their way. The plan called Jumpstart. Seattle may evolve into turbo charge Washington A pair of Democrats co sponsored a bill in the last session that would have allowed local jurisdictions the option to tax larger employers. Makri tells the Puget Sound Business Journal. The state faces a $9 billion revenue shortfall over the next three years. So there's a lot of interest in a bill that would raise money by taxing Cos salaries paid too high earners, she added. That's really attractive. The lawmakers now Just as the Seattle Chamber and downtown associations have been critical of jumpstart. Makri says she expects business lobbies to decry of statewide planned attacks These salaries of high earners quoting her here, it's difficult to imagine that if done thoughtfully, one new tax is going to be the thing that will drive business is away.

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