7-15-20 Mike Trivisonno Show - burst 27


A mask I was told this again long before covid nineteen. It doesn't really help. It doesn't help you at all from stopping you from getting. It doesn't stop you from getting something. Because of all these other factors, it probably will make it more likely. Catch something if you wear one. That's what I was told before this, and this was about just general viruses and bacteria. And now does it stop you from? Yes, certain viruses that are bigger, certain bacterial things that are coming from your nose and mouth. Yes, it will stop that portion of it from getting to somebody else from putting it out in the air, but the value on that was still being debated as to what as to what it was, so now all of a sudden everything. You know all if you wear. Wear a mask. It definitely GONNA work well three months ago. You weren't telling us that. Did you? Suddenly in these last three months learn something. You didn't know in the last twenty thirty forty fifty sixty years. That's my question. I think it's a fair question, isn't it? You know I it's so crazy. Two quick points before we break for the bottom of the hour news number one pre covid nineteen. Trips said. Put this question. What was the last time you went to a doctor? Pre Cova nineteen.

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