Chicago Blackhawks’ Dominik Kubalik named Calder Trophy finalist


A record the podcast this week. We've seen some of the awards. Come down the pike. Including today's news that the calder trophy and Jack Adams award finalists are Quinn Hughes. Kelman, car and Dominic Kwalik for the caller and John Tortorella Bruce Cassidy and Elaine. For the Jack? Adams. Mike sold without a Jack Adams finalist. Kinda weird. He must not be nice to those broadcasters that given the time of day after skates something. A little, gruff or something, because honestly the thing about it. Is that like I? Don't know who kick out. For that. I'm really happy. Happy. Jesus I'm really happy. Cassidy made it I'm really happy. Cassidy made it because I feel like this award overlooks guys. That coach really good teams a lot. Yeah I think he's deserving of it, but I mean like. Tortorella did a great job in Wien. Yo You could point to and say there are tangible improvements. The flyers made under his watch I guess it might be. Even you know the guy you kick out for Sullivan, but I just I don't know Sullivan a really good job. This year I just wish I could have gotten into the top three.

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