We aren't paying enough attention to the impact of the pandemic on the arts


Elizabeth Alexander Thank you very much for coming on the PODCAST To talking to you today, so we know the devastation, the corona virus has had on the economy on health care and healthcare workers, but not enough attention been paid to the impact of the pandemic on the arts. has there no there really hasn't did? I think it gets very fundamental. Questions are artists apart of our economy is the arts sector in or in part of our economy. That's one question. Another question is. The Arts why need support the arts? How can we live without the arts and the need to be helpful to not only the arthrit- large you artists when our friend for foundation president, Aaron Walker was on the podcast a a few weeks ago. He mentioned a daily phone call. He's on with philanthropists trying to figure out how to buttress nonprofits during this time. Are you on those calls or involved in similar efforts? Yes and it's so wonderful to have Darren as a comrade and partner and brother in this work because he keeps us moving forward always, he keeps us. Weighed in is I is always on seemingly impossible? That is a very important for us to have in our field and Jerry for me also. In he brought me into this world to. So? Yes, loan philanthropist! We are talking of regularly New York Allegra Piss national groups of art, Philanthropists. Finding out what is going on, people's Randy's because that's our connections you around. What we're seeing and how we might think about being helpful and also bringing other people into efforts to be helpful, so for example forward and Bloomberg gathered US and led an effort in your city to put together A. Included private donors and this is very important when you know the the philanthropy money. Is there one senate well, but the private could go anywhere or at all? You have a lot of wealth. You don't necessarily have to spend it and you certainly don't have to spend it on the arts, so you in court. Consortium, which of two hundred million dollars. For granting in the arts and also social services in New York City, which we felt was so important, because we are really really really really. In, the heart things in this pandemic and that overlaps. On the Earth Front with. Their own are everywhere but New York has the arts is a crucial part? Is Identity any highly among? So with that effort the. Community Foundation of New York City was the administrator, and we have representatives from our foundations. WHO looked at opposes? Coral went up late in a week. Money have everybody were almost at the end of that money on which says something about the need, but also extremely proud of the efficiency with which we were able to collectively make decisions, and he helped all

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