EVO Cancelled After Accusations Towards Co-Founder Mr. Wizard


Amid dreams and the sports minute presented by e sports network. It's just the Cherry on top of what was a crappy week in sports and the game community as large ego is, or maybe I should say was one of the most prestigious events in east sports as the top event for most fighting game titles. This year, the competition and moved online due to the pandemic, but after allegations of sexual misconduct towards Joey. Cuellar the CO founder President. Eve Online has been outright canceled Kular, better known as Mister. Wizard was accused of acting inappropriately towards teenage, boys, Multiple Times mikey crack prawn fan was the one step forward. The allegations publicly after those allegations went public Capcom nother Rome and band dynamic. Oh, all pulled their gains in the event. In addition, casters players also pulled out leaving Yvo, no choice but to cancel the event Yvo says sever all ties with cooler going forward, but he was a key part of the creation of Yvo and actually decision event from its Co. founder will be difficult. Defining game community was splintered this week. This is just one of many many allegations. Put forward by various. Various members of the community for much larger conversation about what's happening this week. The myriad of allegations and the lasting effects on the FTC I've just published an east sports network podcast episode with fighting Gabe writer Danny. Howard we cover these topics in depth, my condolences and the goal of sports network go out to

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